Alternative to hue strip lighting?

(Jim) #1

Can anyone recommend as above? Was looking at lifx but seems to be out of stock everywhere? Thanks


I have two Lightify flex strips which work well as far as I’m concerned, about £40 or so from Amazon at the time. I think you can get cheaper extension strips for them too but not seen any. I use them along with several other lightify bulbs, and a hub for firmware updates, but run them all directly off the SmartThings hub when not updating.

(Wayne) #3

I highly recommend the dresden driver then buy any cheap rgbw led strip and attach. Extremely reliable and if the strip burns out cheap to replace. I have 3 in the house.

(Robin) #4

Fibaro RGBW module + cheap RGB or RGBW strips from Amazon / EBay.

The Fibaro units can be controlled via the ST app or a physical switch.

Device handler by @twack is the best:

(See post 79)


Sorry dude, what’s the dresden driver?


(Wayne) #6

Zigbee fully compatible with hue or direct connect to smartthings. Can drive both rgbw or rgb strips. Very reliable.


Thanks very much!

(Glen King) #8

I got a hue lightstrip for Xmas, so I now have a foot in that world. It’s awesome; it’s bright, it dims beautifully, the colors are luscious.

My only complaint: they should sell them as 3-foot kits also! You know, the ballast/receiver plus a 39" led strip. I have only two places to utilize the 6’ strip; all my other possible uses would work perfectly with 3’ strips. And cutting/discarding a half-dozen of those expensive 6’ strips would be painful.

(Rob Moore) #9

Hi. Quite interested in this solution but I’m baffled by what LED strips to get (quality, bright ones) and how I can be sure they would connect to this device.

Also you said “direct connect to Smartthings” so I have a choice of that route or via Hue?

Thanks in advance for any further insight here.