Need advice: Geolocation issue for second phone

So I’ve had geolocation working forever using my iphone and my wife’s iPhone to determine whether one of us was home or we were both gone. Never had an issue until now. For some reason, the automations work fine if my phone is the only one listed… however when I add her phone to the automation, it won’t recognize that we have left.

Background: I’m the primary smartthings owner and have sent her the invite to join my home.

I’ve tried the following…

  1. deleted her and readded to automation… didn’t help.
  2. deleted the app from her phone… invited her again and she installed again… added her to the automation… didn’t help.
  3. confirmed she has location services for smartthings set to “always” so that’s not the issue.

Any ideas or other suggestions? And please do not suggest for me to install another app or setup a raspberry pi. I know this has worked in the past and for some reason there is some config that has modified to prevent it from working.

To troubleshoot, I’d create a virtual presence sensor for her and create two routines to mirror the ST app location to the virtual presence sensor. That way you can tell whether or not ST geolocation is actually working.

Also, I’m not familiar with iOS battery saving methodology, but on Android there are settings to prevent an app from being put to sleep to save battery. Make sure that ST will always run in the background and not put to sleep if that is available.

I also had bad reliability with ST app location and was using Life360 until Jan when Groovy smartapps were discontinued. Tried ST app location again, but still unreliable. I’m now using Alexa app location and it’s been very reliable. I posted about my setup here.