New app automation problems with phone locations

So I’m using the new smart things app and I’m having problems with one of my automations. I want an automation to run when my phone and my wife’s phone are not home. ( Easy with classic) I use the condition “no one is at home” but when only one is of leaves the automation runs. I only want it to run when both of us are gone not just both. Am I wrong on the logic?

I appreciate any help anyone can give.

Add your wife’s phone to IF, and have When all conditions are met

Her phone is added, you can see her name on the second pic under members location tiffany iphone. It only allows me to have one members location on that first picture. But in that option i have both phones selected. Ive tried changing that first pic to when any condition is met and when all conditions are met and still the same issue.

When ever i leave or my wife leaves it activates that automation instead of only activating when we both leave. I think the issue is in the when? option. but the options to pick are
Everyone is at home
Anyone is at home
no one is at home
someone isn’t at home.