Help about geolocation

I am writing here because I need help about the geolocation trigger in SmartThings.

I have successfully enabled “Get location from this phone” but unfortunately there isn’t any automation working with this trigger…

Do you have any ideas ?
Thanks !

Which brand/model phone do you have?
Did you set up your address (geolocation) in the app? in the app on your Favorites screen, tap on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen, select Manage Home, in the second field check that your address is shown and geolocation is set up.
You have tested by leaving your location?
You can also create a virtual presence sensor and use Routines to sync it up with your location so you know it is properly changing.

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That setting should enable a presenceSensor device which works with a geofence defined in your Location settings. I don’t know about iOS but in Android it picks up your phone’s name from the phone settings to use as the mobile presence device name.

Within the client apps this mobile presence device is deliberately hidden in the UI and in the Routines it is presented as the ‘Member Location’.

It is, however, visible in the ‘Smart lighting’ app, currently available exclusively as a plugin in the apps.

Is the problem that you don’t have a Member Location condition, that you do have it but didn’t realise the connection, or that you tried it and it just doesn’t work?

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@jkp @orangebucket

Thank you both for your help.
I am using an android phone (I tried with several models around me and the problem persists).

I configured as you specified the parameters of my address, tried to leave my position, but nothing worked, there is simply no activation of the automations with location as a trigger.

I can create automations with the condition “i’m at home” or “i’m not there” but these never trigger, even when my location changes…

I have read some topics about this kind of issue and I checked SmartThing’s IDE (even if I don’t know how it is working :sweat_smile:) to see if there is something more that I can do, and in Devices, I can see my phone, marked as a “placeholder”…

Is there something else that I can try ?