SmarThings app doesn't recognize I'm home

Hi Folks, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here but things are going amiss. I have several door sensors and motion sensors set to alert me if me or my wife are not home and one of those sensors are triggered. It has worked well up to now. Now if my wife is not at home and I am we both get messages that several of the sensors are triggered when I roam around the house or open doors. I’m the owner and my wife is a member. I checked the geolocation and it is still correct. Suggestions??

What kind of phone do you have?

My wife’s iPhone stopped updating presence a few weeks ago. When I went into the settings to confirm, geolocation was turned on, the permission to “always allow” was turned off. I’m guessing an iOS or app update reset the default there. That could be your issue as well.

Menu - Settings (gear) - Get your location from this phone; I think when I reached that point, the app flagged the permissions issue and sent me to the phone settings to fix it.

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Thanks Mark, I have an Android and my wife an Apple. The problem seems to be with me. I checked Location Services and everything is turned on except Location Sharing. There is a warning that if turned on anyone I choose can know my location. I have never intentionally turned this on or off. Could this be the issue? I’m a little reluctant to turn it on.
Another point, it seems after I’ve been home for an hour or so the issue seems resolved until the next time I leave. Kinda crazy.

This is what my app permissions page looks like:

Permission management has changed in the last few releases of Android. Now by default a permission will auto-reset if the app isn’t “used” in a while. If you don’t want this behaviour you have to turn it off per app.

For things like background apps you don’t load often this has caused me issues.


Thanks guys, I have Location Permission within the SmarThings app set to Allow all the time. It has been set to that always. And my permission management in settings> app permission was reset to NOT remove permissions and free up space.