Problems with Security Automation

Hi I just installed the latest version of the new Smartthings. I’ve set up security automations for my wife and I.
One automation each for when my wife or I leave. It should notify both of us and lock the door. A second automation should detect when both of us have left. That should change the mode to away.
When I came home, another automation is supposed to detect me coming home. When that happens, the mode is supposed to switch to home, unlock the door, and notify both of us, and the door sensor and motion sensor shouldn’t be active. but none of that happened. Any help would be appreciated.

iOS or Android?

sounds like one or both of your mobile presence isn’t updating correctly.

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If either of you are on iPhone and using iOS 13 go to your location settings and make sure they are set to allow always for the SmartThings app.

Possible same issue with Android 10 if applicable. Location must be allowed when app is in the background. That level of control wasn’t available with Android 9 and earlier.

It’s iOS 13, and location service is always on.

if you are using both apps, make sure you have it set to always for both.

other than that I am not sure, sorry

There is a known bug with the current iOS app that causes it to logout. When the app logs out, the presence sensor ceases to function. They have announced this will be fixed with the next release. If you are noticing the login field when you first open the app then you are likely seeing this issue. After opening the app, it usually logs itself back in automatically or sits there until you click on login.

I basically just use the Classic app at this point because location services does not work for me in the new app because of this logout issue.

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That must be it. Every time I open the app, it says I’m logged out, but then I don’t have to log back in.
Disappointing, the bugs kept me from installing back when this version first came. I had hoped it would’ve been stable by now

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