Nest Hello or Ring 2 (or Ring Pro) on ST

I’ve been going nuts trying to get ONE doorbell camera (Nest Hello or RIng 2/Pro) that suits all my wants and desires. My list of “wants”:

-Smartthings integration
-Doorbell stream on G home hub
-Obviously integration with Google Home hub
-Blue Iris integration (not really THAT important, but have Amcrest camera’s that don’t play nice w ST)

Any suggestions (besides go get a regular camera)?

I can’t really speak to the Nest but I owned a Ring and was not impressed. I had the wired Ring Pro 2. I recently moved and I left the ring with the old house. The video was okay but the audio was horrible. Most of the times it was unintelligible. There was also no free or local storage option for video. It was not worth the $39.00/year, IMO.

No mainstream doorbell cam will meet your requirements

Can’t speak to the Smartthings and Blue Iris integration, but the Nest Hello will stream video to the Google Home hub (I use it with a Lenovo Smart Display) and can be integrated with the google home hub.

I have 2 ring doorbells and there nice for the simple fact they alert you if someone is that the door and you can kind of see who it is. however for the cost im not impressed at all with the quality of the video and audio on such cameras. ive talked with Ring a few times and it seems like its nature of the beast. ive heard the newer Ring Pro camera has much better video but I don’t feel like spending the money to be disappointed again.

Amcrest came out with a doorbell AD110 recently. Pretty cool, I have been testing it out. Has sd card slot max 128gb. Record only motion on sd card. But if you have an Amcrest nvr you can record 24/7. It is about the same size of the Ring pro.