Need a new garage door opener. Any that work with ST?

I have to replace my non connected liftmaster myq. I am concerned about getting the same because it seems that their security you cannot use one of the aftermarket zwave/wifi controllers and from what i read it seems their website is not compatible with ST anymore?


find a dumb garage opener, maybe old-stock, that has a wall button that is wired, and does not have a light on the wall button. Exclude wifi, bluetooth, “works with Iris”, “works with Homekit”, etc.

Might be hard to actually find a dumb one. I’d download the installation manual and see if there are physical terminals to which you can wire the Zwave device. Then you can add “GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller” .

Even then I would probably put the opener on a Zwave plug - there are far too many incidents of garage doors opening unexpectedly.

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If you persist with getting a MyQ Liftmaster/Chamberlain device, then I recommend that you get the MyQ internet gateway device as well. Set up the supplied app on your smartphone. After that, follow the instructions online, and you can easily integrate your door (open/close) into SmartThings. (There are a number of posts that imply that the interface will not work anymore - but I had no issues whatsoever in installing this in a SmartThings installation recently. Works like a charm.)

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I partially agree with @ero4444, above. If you want it to integrate easily with ST, I would probably go with the GoControl Z-Wave device. I had 2 of my 20+ old openers die this summer. I installed (2) Genie belt drive (BTW, belt drive is THE way to go: so quiet). Both models I got at Lowe’s (they are slightly different, but look identical).

Both openers have a lighted wall control and work perfectly fine with the GoControl (I think they are “series II” wall buttons…I think Series III needs a dry contact adapter to work with GoControl).

I am using Iris Garage Door Opener (GD-00Z-1) from Lowe’s, Works like a charm with my LiftMaster Formula I. I happened to sell it to someone with a Chamberlain recent opener and he faced an issue as the wall button connection is different but he replaced the button by a $8 other button and make it working too. Mine is wired to the button wires instead of the ceiling opener wires.

It depends on what you are willing to live with.

My Chamberlain myQ-connected garage is currently “semi-connected” to SmartThings. I cannot use ST to control it in any fashion; however, I can use myQ to report events to ST, and to drive events in ST.

Given that the myQ app does allow me to control the garage on its own, this works for me. I have no scenarios under which I would want my garage to automatically open or close just based on timers or ST events. What I have it do, via Tasker/AutoNotification, is to pop notifications on an android control tablet. Those notifications are recognized for their content, and tell ST whether the garage is open or closed.

ST can then report such status, and can act on it (for example, turning on particular indoor lights if the garage opens and it is after sundown).

Not optimal, but functional.

I have the WI-Fi liftmaster and using the DTH from brbeaird which is here. it is working good for me with no problem.

I second this option, I’ve been using mine for almost a year and they were on my 20 year old Craftsman openers and now on my brand new units and work great on both. One of the units, I have 2 doors (this weekend actually) likes to act up and send false openings. It does this almost exclusively at the wee hours of night when the alarm is armed. Excluding it and re-adding it seems to fix it for many months and then it acts up again. It’s only one door too it’s quite strange. But if you hunt around you can find this opener quite nicely priced. I think I paid like $75 for the pair or something like that.


Got a Chamberlain wifi opener and this worked perfectly!