Garage Door Opener Compatibility with ST

I know this has been asked before, but things change quickly. I need new garage door openers, and I am struggling to understand if any brands work well with Smartthings. For background, I’ve got really old Genie openers working with ST through GoControl linear controllers now. The GoControl has been fine, but the actual openers are starting to die.

I see that many of the new openers come with wifi capability, but are not easily managed through ST. So my question is: what brand of openers work well with ST, or should I just get the lowest-tech openers I can find and keep using my GoControl controllers?

I thought getting new, higher-tech openers was going to be easy, but it doesn’t sound that way. Help, please!

here are the current integrations

there is also an unofficial myq integration that works well. a separate sensor is needed to get best results.

i’ll let other comment on your questions about gocontrol.

I think there is a new brand that came out last year called tailsman…I don t remember the name but it works with smart things. I have genie which does work well & now integrates with alexa but not with smartthings. Dont replace it with genie.

There is no garage door opener manufacturer listed here, so I assume that MFGs are working on their own platforms and not interested in ST. Only 3rd party controllers seem to be available. Given that, and my interest in staying with ST due to a bunch of other devices in my house, it sounds like I’m best off getting a mechanically solid opener and managing its online presence through my current GoControl controller.

Though I’d like to purchase a nice Chamberlain unit I found on sale locally, I refuse to join another fee-based subscription service to be able to open my doors. This just seems ridiculous.

I assume I can get any of these openers and continue to use my GoControl, even the smart openers? Then I’d have my current GoControl still working, but if MyQ or whichever proprietary platform my new opener has begins to play nice with ST, I can migrate. Thoughts?

The opener has to work with a button that simply temporarily closes the connection between two conductors. Some don’t work that simply, having incorporated proprietary things with the button opener.

I don’t know how current this is, but take a look: