Best garage door opener set up for ST

Hi folks. First post here but long time lurker. Our garage door opener is about shot so I am looking to buy a new one and would like advice on what works best for ST. Is it better to buy one with MyQ or run an Iris Z wave ?

I’ve only experience with a MyQ door opener. As a stand alone unit with the MyQ gateway and then incorporating that unit with ST using the MyQ connect smart app, the performance has been flawless.


I had major issues with MyQ, so I went with the GoControl/Linear units. Very simple and no faulty open/close issues like I had with the MyQ.

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I have had the same experience.

Some people have reported this w/ MyQ, I haven’t had that experience, but there is a simple fix of adding a 3 axis or tilt sensor to the top panel of the garage door to confirm the state, or refresh MyQ.

Right now some Lowes stores have them on sale for $38

GoControl/Linear/Iris gd00z-4, flawless.

I currently have a relay and a ST Multisensor in the garage door. It has been working fine but I am curious if there is any added benefit for the Iris Linear unit. Does it behave any differently in the app?

I missed the combined control that v1 had though I have implemented the community solution to solve it.

If you already have a setup that works reliably and safely enough for you then I don’t think there is much point in switching.

I didn’t have anything to start with and preferred the way that the GD00Z-4 works with my existing opener. Haven’t had a single issue although I find the ‘safety’ features a little tedious but understand they are a legal requirement.

I’m building a house and need to purchase garage door openers. I currently have the Linear device, but wanted to know if it’s worth the money to upgrade to the MyQ system or just install more Linear controllers at the new house.

If me I prefer something that has a back up avenue for operation.

The MyQ has it’s own app and can operate independently of ST or integrated with.