MyQ Wifi or Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener?

Hello everyone. I’ve had the SmartThings system for a few years now (original Kickstarter backer!) and I just bought a house. Go me!

I have some questions about Z-Wave light switches (which I’ll ask in another thread) but I’m trying to decide on a Garage Door opener. The MyQ seems to be pretty highly regarded, and SmartThings has announced official support for it coming soon. There’s currently a 3rd party app to make it work with ST’s right now.

The Linear on the other hand is already supported in SmartThings, but doesn’t have all the functionality of the MyQ. Since their price is so comparable, I was curious which one to get.


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I don’t have an ST system, yet. I have been waiting for the V2 hub. That said, I recently installed MyQ on my opener. The system itself works very well although I did have to call the support number to get it up and running. The support that I got was very good and I would recommend MyQ to anyone. TIP: If your opener is already a Chamberlain or Liftermaster (they are interchangeable), get the internet gateway kit with the internet bridge and new control panel (cheaper model). If it’s another brand get the MyQ Garage (newer more expensive kit with the LED light and direct wireless connection).

I have a MyQ in my system. The app and device type were easy to install and set up. It integrates well with other smartapps and “hello home” functions. I highly recommend it.

WE use the Linear at our home and it works great for us.