Need a device to detect if a high dollar item is moved from current location

I am looking for a smartthings/zigbee/zwave/Bluetooth device that can detect if it is moved and will trigger an alert. I have a bike that I keep in my garage hung from the ceiling. The only reason it would ever move from that location is when I go ride or if it was being stolen. Just wondering if there is a device that could help me with this. I already have a camera in the garage. I thought about a GPS tracker but those solutions haven’t really matured yet. Another thought would be to put a door sensor on the pulley to the hoist. If it gets moved or lowered, that would trigger and I could make it send me an alert. Any other thoughts out there?

Why not an electrical loop?
Just a loop of wire connected to a fibaro door sensor
While the loop is intact it will show closed
If the loop is broken then it will show open.
You can have a connector half way through the loop so you can disconnect it easily (obviously you will know when it is you disconnecting it)

Then… siren, sms, push notification… easy to do

A motion sensor mounts high up to detect motion when the bike is moved.

People commonly use a vibration sensor for this kind of thing. The sensor reports when it itself has been moved. It also will not be set off by people just walking through the area, the sensor itself has to move before you’ll get the alert.

Do you have a SmartThings hub already? If so, there are already smart apps specifically for this purpose.

But there are some other options as well. There are a number of different kinds of tracker devices which alert you if something has been moved out of range. And don’t necessarily require a smartthings hub. However in that case you’re not getting the notification until the bike has left the Detection area, which is why people generally prefer the vibration sensor as it can alert you as soon as the bike has moved even a few inches.


Or maybe one of the sensors with a vibration/tamper alert. The Fibaro Motion Sensor has this feature for example. Maybe fixing this to the beam the bike is hanging from would give you a tamper alert and a useful motion sensor (they are separate features) that could trigger a security light?

Edit: Just noticed that @JDRoberts submitted a more detailed response along the same lines whilst I was tapping away.


Motion sensing camera that can send alerts. Just set the boundary to cover the bike. You also can see the “Perp.” a Rottweiler might work as well, but you’d have to teach it to text for alerts.

Personally I’d use the acceleration sensor or a blink camera for a snapshot. :slight_smile:

I’m using a vision shock sensor (actually the monoprice one) on my safe, and a small box. the sensor triggers if you move the safe or pick up the box, I’m sure moving a bike would as well, you’d just have to see how to attach it.

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For clarity, we should say that in this context vibration, acceleration, and shock sensors are all working on the same principle, and should all report if the sensor itself is moved.

In contrast, a “motion sensor” reports if there is motion nearby, not that the sensor itself moved. :sunglasses:

I think I will use a multisensor. If the pulley ever gets moved from the up position, I can have it send me an alert. I will also have a camera in the garage that can be set to motion detection. I only wish that I could integrate my MyQ liftmaster into smartthings. Have it set up that if the bike is moved, it triggers the door to close. As the door attempts to close, it makes a loud beeping noise for about 3 seconds, similar to an alarm. It then closes the door. That by itself would likely scare off anyone trying to steal it.

I wired a Fibaro switch (old 222 model that handles dry contacts) into my garage door opener as a momentary switch with a new Fibaro model wired into the garage lights. So a ST routine turns on light when door opens etc.

You could do something similar to trigger door (and it’s alarm and maybe lights) when camera or vibration sensor are triggered?

Why can’t you? There is a MyQ integration. Works great and your idea is a good one.


I had searched previously for a MyQ integration and I guess I didn’t realize that there was a community created one that still works. I had heard about an old one that Liftmaster/Chamberlain had shut down the path of communication. I now have it installed on my app and it says it is connected. I will have to test it when I get home. I will also probably get three multi sensors. One for the bike hoist and one for each garage door opener. That way if the bike moves, it can alert me and then cause smartthings to trigger the garage to close.

Can you hide an ST arrival fob on it and build rules around it leaving and arriving like a person? I guess it would only notify you when it left your immediate location, not when it was removed from the hangers.

You might could make the hanger detect a weight threshold… not sure how. But it might not prevent someone from Indiana Jonesing it with another object with the same weight.

I’ll second the “MyQ Lite” integration. You’ll have to get a tilt sensor for the door but otherwise it works good and as you said it will initiate a beeping/blinking when it goes to close which should deter whoever is messing with your bike.

My road racing bike is hung from the garage ceiling.
I have a cable chain thru the frame, and the wheels, that is attached to the house itself.

That would foil most ‘casual’ criminals. Most home invasions are not folks looking to grab a bicycle, and therefore they are rarely carrying the bolt cutter needed to cut such a chain.

That is also a good thought. Most thieves looking for an easy pick aren’t going to have good bolt cutters available. And even if they did, Every time they tried to use them on the bike, the garage would beep and try to close on them.

I did not integrate my Chamberlain - but I do have a door sensor for lights and notifications.