Recommend a motion sensor

I am looking for a motion sensor able to detect fine movements. I want my lights to stay on when I sit and do not move much.
Thank you.

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I vote for Fibaro Motion Sensor with superb device handler from @wackware and basic instructions from @Mike_Maxwell if you want to go zwave. Else second choice is ST Motion Sensors if going zigbee. First gen. when powered is zigbee repeater too. Worst is Aeon.

Disclaimer: This is completely based on my experience.

Out of curiosity, what makes the Fibaro better than the Aeon sensor? I bought Aeon for my first motion sensor. It seems to be fine so far, but I’m open to learning more about other options before I expand my system. Thanks!

Try using the Aeon’s outdoor. That thing will start sending motion alerts million and one times even when not even a single person is around. Passing clouds, wind, sunlight may be and I had the sensitivity turned to the lowest. The lux, temp and the humidity is pretty much useless on that thing. The lux is also capped at 1000.

Fibaro’s is extremely good as a motion sensor, lux very very close to actual, temp readings are accurate and can be calibrated. The number of parameters that can be configured is superb. Attaching the link and see for yourself.

@wackware has the device handler and @Mike_Maxwell has a post where he shows how to manipulate the lux param to report back even if the change is less than 200. I have 2 of these (and expecting 3 to arrive today) with one mounted outside. False motion alerts is million times less even with the default sensitivity. It has a wide range that you can adjust.

And above all… The form factor and its sexy like hell! :wink:

BAD NEWS Just checked at vesternet and it has now gone into back order. asihome may still have some. Amazon is selling at 79.99 which is 20$ more than others. What’s going on with Amazon?


Actually I do have Aeon now. Range is not really good, and it does not sense presence if I sit and read or watch TV. Same with Monoprice. Monoprice will detect burst of hot air, when heater kicks in, but not siting person.

My two cents:

Zwave -> Fibaro
Zigbee -> ST

If you don’t care which protocol -> Fibaro

Note: I do love ST products (and have several ST 1st and 2nd gen. motion sensors) but now I am moving towards all zwave going forward. :slight_smile:

You probably want an occupancy sensor instead of a motion sensor.

Our SmartSense Motion sensor is incredibly sensitive, but in this case it may not be the best option. It resets from motion->no motion after 12 seconds of inactivity. That may be too fast for this application.

One way to deal with that though would be using our built-in option to shut the lights off after X minutes of no activity. You could so something like:

Turn the lights on when there’s motion
Turn the lights off when motion has stopped for 10 minutes

That should give you enough breathing room to pick whatever motion sensor you want.


@tyler: I guess you confused me with somebody else’s requirement… :slight_smile:

The only time I use ST motion sensor with lights is

  1. To trigger Good Morning as soon as I walk out of the bedroom into the hallway (2nd floor) to trigger 4 hues on the first floor and change the mode to “Home” from “Night” between 4:30 AM thru 6:00 AM on week days. Never fails except may be one hue or so out of the four on a bad day! :wink:

  2. Turn on night light (zwave outlet) when there is motion after sunset till sunrise in the same hallway. The outlet has a night light plugged in. Works 99% of the time.

I was unable to find any z-wave occupancy sensors. Do you know nay particular model?

You won;t believe, but I have 15 minutes timeout set in smart app to turn lights off. Still does not work when my wife watches TV :frowning: She said that she have to wave her hand to get lights back up.

Is it by any chance a Samsung Smart TV? The reason I ask is whenever my wife turns on the tv, things do slow down… due to some interference. Funny part is that the TV is connected via Ethernet rather than wireless. But definitely slows down everything but not to the extent that you are describing.

I believe you can find examples of users building them with Rasberry Pi or Arduino but none you can buy off the shelf that I know. There is a definite need here since we all are trying to accomplish the same with a motion sensor.

No, she watchеs movies on her laptop, I highly doubt that even steaming movies from the internet, can introduce that much latency. I am on 100Mb cable.

Motion Detectors have fresnel lenses for a reason: to detect motion. It creates a sequence of light and shadow as you move across the visible area. No movement = no “flutter”.

Seems like motion sensors must be selling like crazy. The echolink sensors have gone up in price as well. Hopefully supply catches with demand soon. I would love to get a Fibaro, but I’m not sure if I can see my way clear of $80.

59/- if they still have it.