Help Fibaro motion sensor ZW5

I have installed the device. Unfortunately there are setting problems. For example, if I set the yellow LED or the LED deactivated, the sensor does not respond to the command. This also applies to the other settings. It does not always detect automations or movements. Do I have to set any parameters in particular? Do I have to set up the device handlers?

I am attaching two screens. The first, for example, does not match the icon to the motion sensor, it looks more like a door and window sensor. In the second screen there is a section called a vibration sensor that has nothing to do with the fibaroimage

I can’t answer your other questions, so hopefully other people will comment as well, but the Fibaro multisensor does include an accelerometer (vibration sensor) inside. That is what is used for tamper alerts or seismic alerts.

From the manual:

Main features of FIBARO Motion Sensor:
• compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller
• supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES- 128 encryption
FIBARO Motion Sensor is a Security Enabled Z-Wave Plus product and a Security Ena- bled Z-Wave Control- ler must be used in or- der to fully utilize the product.
• detects motion using a passive IR sensor
• measures ambient temperature
• measures light intensity
detects vibrations
• extremely easy installation
• may be installed anywhere - wall or any surface
• battery powered
• theft and tampering protection - once vibrations are detected, the notification is sent to the main controller
• detected movement, temperature and vibrations are signalled by the built-in LED diode

Do you have a device Handelers aggiornato?

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I have a number of these in my house and using the stock ST handler. The device icon shows that it is a motion sensor, I noticed yours shows a open/closed or door sensor icon. I have to think the sensor is connected to the wrong device handler.

See below, my vibration/accelerometer is being listed as ‘tamper alerts’. Try resetting the sensor by removing (zwave exclude) then hold the b-button down until the led shows yellow then push it one more time, it should turn red the the reset is complete about five seconds after that. I have found the custom device handlers to out of date and no longer work well on the updated ST platform.

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