Better Presence sensors, Package tracking

I’t would be great to have a more specific presence sensor. So it would be great if a sensor know when I was near my upstairs Z-wave items or downstairs Z-wave items. I’d a presence sensor that knew if I was upstairs for more than 10 minutes that it would turn off my downstairs thermostat and turn on my upstair thermostat.

A second idea, probably very simple code to write, but I get a lot of packages and I’d love to have UPS , USPS Tracking, and FEDEX tracking alerts on my Smartthings. Then i could tie it into my Obythings and have a message that says something like, “your package has arrived”

For the sensors, I don’t think zwave can work like that. However, this is a great example for iBeacons. You would have to carry your phone with you, though…or a smart watch in the near future I’m sure.

The package SmartApp is an awesome idea. The major services have a "my ". I have it for UPS where it sends me an email when I receive a package no matter who it is from as long as it is UPS. I’d have to check if any of them have an API or if there is a tool out there that can integrate with IFTTT or Zapier.

I actually think well placed motion sensors could do what you want now that I think about it. Place them in positions where they are truly limited to what you want covered…for example not seeing out a door into the hallway.

It would also allow it to recognize anyone instead of those just carrying sensors on them.

I would also really like to see a true occupancy sensor and not just all the motion sensors that are out there. If you are too still, then don’t think you are there.

Thanks, I am going to give the motion sensors thought. You just gave me 2 other ideas though. One is a CA5100 scene controller. I am guessing I can make the on button control upstairs and the and the bottom button control downstairs. Or I could have a door sensor where I simply where I put the magnet on when I arrive and take it off when I leave and have that trigger the thermostat.

presence sensors as jewelry is a good idea. sometimes when we go out as a family i don’t always take my keys or my phone, i just use hers, since she’s driving. Now if i had a sensor that looked more like a bracelet, or watch as brainlees stated. I think I would wear it more if it looked cool. mens and womens Presence Jewelry. stick an nfc chip in there too and I can use it to pay for stuff as well.

**edit: and have it recharge from the heat of the human body.

For parcel tracking, maybe try the Boxoh channel on IFTTT?

The problem with Boxoh is that it needs a specific number, right? With the “my” services from the carriers, you don’t need that. It goes by your address…so anything shipped there will get the notification.

But, I do need to look at IFTTT more for options with my ST install.