Nano Dimmer and uncontrolled outlet

I would like to give dimming power to one half of an outlet with the Aeotec Nano Dimmer. This outlet is not controlled by anything except for the breaker.

What would be the proper wires to go to the Nano back out to the outlet?

I know I will have to break the tab off but, I am a slight bit confused about the ‘out’ from the dimmer to the outlet.

So I assume you are going to tell me to get lost if I told you not to connect a dimmer to an outlet because you could cause damage to non dimmable devices plugging into that outlet. If you agreed then read no further if not then here’s how to connect it.
The outlet has neutral side (silver screw terminals). Line side (bronze screw terminal) and ground (green).
You connect the load of the Nano to the top bronze screw terminal of the outlet after breaking of the tap.
The Line from the circuit breaker connect to the bottom of the bronze of the outlet and to the Line of the Nano.
Neutral connect to the neutral silver of the outlet and neutral of the Nano.
Ground to ground (green).

My suggestion is to use a plug-in dimmer instead. This has Bad Idea ™ written all over it.

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I have the same requirements as the original poster. This setup didn’t work for me. Following these instructions, the Hub was able to find the dimmer device but had no effect on the outlet (both outlets were still hot).