Wiring Aeotec Nano-Dimmer at Light with 3-way switches

I’m trying to install an Aeotec Nano-Dimmer in a three-way circuit for a ceiling light fixture, and I would ideally like to put the nano-dimmer in the box with the light (there’s more room in that box), but I’m not sure about the wiring.

Essentially the my circuit in question looks like the following (apologies for the handwriting):

In the light box, I have the following wires:

  1. A red wire coming from my two switches
  2. A black live wire which is unstitched and on the same circuit breaker
  3. A white neutral wire

In terms of attaching the nano-dimmer, I believe I understand the following hookups:

  • Live <–> “L”
  • Neutral <–> “N”
  • Out <–> Hot side of light (which then goes to Neutral)

I’m unsure of how to hook up the COM, S1, & S2 ports; however.

Should it be as follows?

  • Live <–> “COM”
  • Red wire from switches <–> S1

Since I only have one switched wire, do I need to bridge S1 & S2?

Please double check the wiring diagram that came with the dimmer but I think I remember that the switch (es) go between COM and S1. S2 to COM is for additional switches if needed.

[EDIT: See Diagram 2-2]

I’ve been looking at that page for a while, but my scenario is different as I’d like to place the switch in the box, after the switches.

I’ve seen some forums allude to doing this, but they didn’t show wiring diagrams.

To close the loop on this: it does not appear possible to wire the Nano-Dimmer into the circuit at the light.

However, I picked up an Aeotec Nano-Switch, and was able to wire that at the light upstream of both 3-way switches & it works at the light works just fine.

If you look at the diagrams on the Nano Dimmer wiring 3-way/4-way/5-way switch methods page, all of them essentially require the nano dimmer to be in one of the switch gang boxes. (this includes the “3-way Nano Dimmer” diagram.