Help - Aeotec Nano Dimmer Wiring

I need help in installing the Nano Dimmer. Sorry, I am not an electrician but is handy enough when given proper instructions. :slight_smile:

I have a 3-way light switch where both switches have 3 wires. I didn’t saw any other lines connected to any of the two switches so I am “guessing” that the load (light) must be in the middle (please correct me if there is another possible configuration).

How would I connect the nano dimmer with this configuration?

I have attached photos of both switches for reference.

Thanks in advance!


here is a drawing of how I wired mine. My power came in at the light so my micro is in the light box in the ceiling. I took quite a few meter reading and continuity checks then labeled all my

wires. I then rewired everything to match what I have in the drawing.

Be aware the micro connections for the switch wires are very small. I had to use a separate smaller gauge wire and wire nuts to make those connections.

Maybe you can do some checks and see if your layout matches what I had or you can use what I found and go from there.

Thanks Don! I have the Nano Dimmer but I guess I will be able to figure out the connections as related to your diagram.

I’ll give an update and possibly a photo or drawing to help others once I get the chance to try this out.

If I get time this evening I’ll try to look inside the switch boxes to make sure this is right.

Maybe I can convert the drawing,. We’ll see. Lots of things on my to do list today.

Okay, the nano is not wired anything like the micro.

I assume directions came with your nano. Just in case it didn’t here is the website with 3 way diagrams.

You need to be VERY careful with wiring. You should identify EVERY wire path and your line and neutral from the breaker.

Hope the drawings help.

Hi Don,

That’s a bummer. The page you sent doesn’t show the same wiring as I have. I guess I can’t use the nano dimmer on my 3-way.

Not sure if that is the only acceptable wiring for the nano. I hope somebody with the same wiring as I am can share how their wired their nano.

When I wired my micro. I had to move almost every wire to make it match what they said in their diagrams. It wasn’t a simple plug and play. It took me a few tries and lots or wire tracing , labeling and verifying to get it right.

Just found this, did you read this thread?

Possibly they will have more or better suggestions.

Thanks again Don.

I somehow missed that thread. By the way, is your micro a dimmer or a switch? Also, it looks like from your diagram that it will work on two wires. Maybe I need to buy that and return the nano.

Mine is a dimmer, I haven’t had time to verify the drawing I sent you.

I just remember it was harder to wire than most. I used another brand in a few of my other lights and liked them better.

Let me see if I can find what I ordered.

Here is the other style Mico I ordered.

Enerwave ZWN-RSM1-PLUS Z-Wave Relay, Z-Wave Plus Micro Switch, Smart Hidden Switch Wireless Remote Control to Lights and Ceiling Fans, Neutral Wire Required, Black

I liked wiring this one much better.