Aeotec nano dimmer wiring help

Hi all. I am struggling to get a new Aeotec nano dimmer switch working and was hoping someone might be able to tell me see what I’m doing wrong. Here is my current setup (top drawing) that I’m trying to install into. I want one of my two outlets to be smartified by the dimmer switch.

I have it connected in such a way that I can see/control the dimmer switch from my smartthings app and the outlet also has power but the dimmer is not controlling the outlet. The bottom drawing in the above picture is how I have it wired right now. Does anyone see what I’m doing wrong? Sorry for my crude drawings. I hope they properly describe my setup.

Thanks for any help!!!

Out is your load to the outlet and common is for your switch in which you don’t have.
Remove the jumper wire between out and live and move the wire from common to out.
Just something to keep in mind. It’s not a good idea to put a dimmer behind an outlet unless you have some way of locking it out so the dimmer won’t get damage with something else plugging into that outlet.

Notes for the wire connection ports and terminals:
L – Power input for live
N – Power input for neutral
OUT – Output for load
COM – Common port for all External switches (S1 and S2)
S1 – External switch 1 control for load
S2 – External switch 2 control for load

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately that did not fix it. In fact, the dimmer doesn’t seem to have power anymore and the outlet doesn’t either.

You can try reset the switch back to default as follow and if it doesn’t work then most likely the switch is damaged.

Reset your Nano Dimmer.

If at some stage, your primary controller is missing or inoperable, you may wish to reset all of your Nano Dimmer’s settings to their factory defaults.

To do this, press and hold the Action Button for 20 seconds and then release it. Your Nano Dimmer will now be reset to its original settings, and the green LED will be solid for 2 seconds and then remain the colourful gradient status as a confirmation.

Thanks, Ray. I had a suspicion it might be damaged. I will try to reset later today but I’m curious, could I have done the damage with an incorrect wiring configuration?

Actually I did try it just now but when I have your wiring configuration, the LED on the dimmer is not on. When I have the jumper in place, the LED is on. I held for 20+ seconds without the jumper with no luck. I did notice though that the lamp I have plugged in to the outlet had a tiny amount of power going to it. Very low dim level even though the dimmer does not appear to have any power.

I would guess the wrong wiring damaged the switch. Just curious on why you use common for load and jumped “out” with line?

None of the diagrams I saw seemed to align with what my setup was. All online videos are for wiring in the UK and didn’t match what I have so I had to try and piece together what I’m supposed to do from multiple videos and diagrams. The only time I got the dimmer to display it’s LED was with the jumper. I tried MANY different configurations trying to get it right. Sounds like I need to replace it and try your original wiring setup the first time.