Renaming Sensor?

I have a door sensor that I would like to rename. Well, to be more confusing…I put a sensor on my door coming into the laundry room from my garage. I called it Garage Door. But I bought a new sensor to put on the actual garage door that I would like to call Garage Door. I guess I could peel off the double sided tape and just move the current Garage Door sensor but I don’t want to weaken the adhesive.

Anyway…is it simple to change names and will it affect anything in my setup?

very simple… go into the app under things. Click on the thing and the click on the gear in the top right. It should allow you to charge the icon and the name.

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Thanks. For some reason I thought it would need to be set up again.

Is it the same the outlet? In that instance GH controls it. So would I need to do anything different inGH?

Sorry GH? do you mean Google Home?

Yes, sorry. Google Home.

I faintly remember when setting up my outlets, I had to go to GH and authorize them. I was just wondering if I renamed the outlets in Smartthings, if that would carry over to GH or if I needed to do something special.

Sorry don’t use Google Home so i am not sure. I know with in ST the names are simply label and the “name” that connects the thing to the hub is the only thing that matters. It like a digital address or name that connects it so the label on effects how you see it. I would assume for voice recognition the name may become more important.