Repository list -- include User name please


(Graham Charles) #1

Could someone please add the Github User name to the list of namespaces to Update from on It’s kinda annoying, since a lot of the namespaces are just “SmartThings (master)” – hard to tell which one you’re updating!

(Mark) #2

They’re basically phasing out the current method of custom coding for smartapps and device handlers, along with the GitHub integration for the IDE.

I’m with you that the issue you describe is annoying, I’m just not sure how likely it is they’ll do anything about a service they’ve already announced is being deprecated.

(Graham Charles) #3

Oh, is it? I hadn’t heard. What’s the replacement to be?

I Googled “smartthings future plans” but only got a lot of complaints about the change – not clear on what the change is. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

(Jimmy) #4