How to change a connected item name in the app?

Folks, a total newbie here. I’ve just commissioned a brand-new hub with a few devices, found in the starter kit. All working great. BUT… here is the question: While setting up a device you can give it a name… for instance Samsung outlet… BUT… HOW DO I CHANGE the name once it has been assigned ? I feel truly stupid but cannot seem to find a way to do this. I want to give the stuff more meaningful names.
Any help most gratefully received and apologies if this question has been previously answered. Thank you all so very much.

If you select/open the device, Click on the cog in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can edit the name. Please note: I am assuming you are using the ST classic app :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots to help out.

JKP. I tried that. in the top r/h corner it has 3 dots. when i click on thos it opens an info window. That gives the assigned name and controller version1.7.1.00-211 a BLUE field with FIRMWARE UPDATE and in the bottom it says:
Open source licenses.

You are using the ST Connect app and I am not familiar with the renaming in that. Tagging @WB70

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You’re on Samsung Connect, right? Are you “supposed” to be on that app or should you be using SmartThings Classic?

as a brandnew newbie… i just downloaded that app. It works ok… bar the inability to change the connected Device (sensor or socket name)

You could rename it in IDE @ under my devices.

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Ryan… no idea… this is all brandnew territory for me. I just downloaded the app.

JKP… THANK YOU. Will try that in he next t hr. running an animal sanctuary here and still have my hands full with the animals. Will come back as soon as I can.
Many thanks…

I am not aware of the new application allowing you to rename the device. EDIT - I am aware now thanks to Jimmy. See my instructions in post below.

As @jkp stated, you can login to the IDE at and then goto Devices and edit that device and give it a new label (alias).


You can install the SmartThings Classic app and login and goto Things and then select the Device, select the Gear icon and give it a new label there.

Once you change it in either of these 2 places, it will automatically be reflected in the NEW app (SmartThings Samsung Connect)

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You can rename in the new app. It’s buried in the location menu. Select your location, tap the 3 dots in the upper right and select the device.



So I navigated it this way. Mine appears slightly different in Android:

  1. Select Devices button

  2. Then in upper right hand corner, click the 3 dots

  1. Now while in Edit Mode, scrolled down to device you want to rename. Click on the device towards left hand side.

DO NOT Click on the Red line on th right.

  1. Now you can rename the device.

Thanks Jimmy.


Thanks ever so much guys. What a super resource this forum is. To everyone who helped so quickly… am most grateful and now the socket in question has a much more meaningful name ! Yippeee !
Thanks again !!

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JKP… did that and was able to change the name. THANK YOU so very much for the link. I was not even aware how much detail is contained in the site to which your link referred. I’ve bookmarked it jkp and again, a BIG thank you for sharing that link with me. At 74 years old… ye olde brain is put into high gear by Mr. SmartThings !!!

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At this point, I would assume that anyone who is brand new to smartthings is using the “smartthings (Samsung connect)” App, not the “smartthings classic“ app unless they specifically say otherwise. :sunglasses:

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Why is that? The recommendation for new V2 hubs is to install Samsung Connect?

I’m not going to assume anything at this point in time :slight_smile:

Too many entry points or how the information here in the community has made its way to the end customer and whether they have previously researched (homework) prior to purchasing ST and read anything about which app they should be using or the device they have an whether it came preloaded. LOL. Just too many things that they could end up on either.

It’s probably a good assumption for new customers who have not yet signd up or read anything from this community.

Think it’s still a question we have to ask when it’s unclear what they might be using. :sunglasses:


The recommendation is to install “SmartThings (Samsung Connect)”, if you talk to support or look at official Samsung publications. (this app, released in March 2018, replaces the older “Samsung Connect” but is not identical to it, as it includes a new IOT rules engine.)

See the official FAQ:

I just purchased a SmartThings Hub. Which app do I use?
New SmartThings Hub owners will be able to use either application.
New ADT customers should use the SmartThings Classic application. We are still working to ensure ADT features are fully supported in the new SmartThings app.
Samsung Connect Home customers should use the new SmartThings application.

If you Google “SmartThings app” the first entry will be the following blog article:

We’re delighted to announce that a brand new SmartThings app is here.

We are working to ensure a smooth transition for our existing users, and to make the process as painless as we can, we’ve renamed the current app our users use (and will still see in their phones) to SmartThings Classic.
If you are a new SmartThings user, you will be directed to download the new “SmartThings” app to begin to monitor, control, and automate your home from anywhere in the world, and begin to add as many connected lights, locks, sensors, and devices as suits your unique personality and lifestyle.
We can’t wait to welcome you into an even better way to control your home. Have more questions? See our FAQs here

If you try to connect a device or use functionality which doesn’t work with the new app, then support will tell you to try classic. But otherwise they are telling new people to use the new app.

@wb70 makes a good point that we shouldn’t assume that they are using STSC. But it is now likely that they are unless you have verified that they are using classic, and they’re probably only using classic because they either did deep research or support told them to.

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New SmartThings Customers: