How to change my account name


Had SmartThings.a few days now.
Using Android app, when I go into ‘My Account’, at the top it shows


How do I change the 2 N/A’s to my name as its not a clickable field?

(Mark) #2

You can edit this in the IDE that’s accessible on the web.

See post linked below to help you figure out which exact address to type into your web browser.


Thanks Mark.

I’m so new to this that I didn’t even know about IDE.
I logged in OK. Then went to My Locations, Home, clicked my Account Name, then Edit the full name field and Update. That should be it right? - No. It still shows N/A N/A on my phone.
Is there something else I need to do?


(Mark) #4

Try logging out and back in on your phone?



Just tried it, but still the same. This is wierd !

(Mark) #6

I’m out of ideas.

Open a support ticket, they can probably help.


OK. Thanks for trying.