Mystery "routine"

Well,it doesn’t seem to be a routine!
Anyway,I have two lights in the same room that keep coming on at 10am. Neither device has a routine against it if I look up the devices, and if I look at all my routines,nothing is set to run at 10am.
I only have one legacy smartlighting, and that isn’t time senstive.
Any ideas where next to look?!
I could set up a routine to switch them off at 10.01,I guess, but …!!

Any chance you use Alexa? If yes, check to see if Hunches is enabled and consider disabling it. Then look to see if it created any Routines in Alexa. :slight_smile:

Google…but good idea!
No…no routines in Google Home!

try going through History in the App > in Menu if you haven’t. You can use the filter to choose the lights to simply the search.

brand/model of the lights?

Shows a contact opening and the two lights coming on…but that contact doesn’t show on other days at 10am…and opening the contact doesn’t turn on the lights…so I think it is by chance today re contact.

Google Home doesn’t have any routines.
It’s a fibaro dimmer and a tasmotized sonoff switch.
There is a very old zone manager connecting the two,but that is motion sensor driven.
It is at exactly 10am each day,so would seem time driven.
I have ewelink, but neither device is in that and there are not any routines,or whatever they call them!

If you’re having no luck tracking down the routine, the next option is to delete the device and re-add it. That should remove it from any routine or scenes you have setup.

That is an idea!
Might try with the sonoff as the fibaro is a bit more unaccessible.

Does that apply for all members of the household?

Have you looked at the lights via the IDE to see if they are ‘in use by’ any legacy apps?

no Google routines on other users, no.
In IDE, there is the smartlighting arrive “in use by” (which I guess isn’t a timed function)
and “webCore”…that must be 5 years ago…don’t recall how to use it!
I removed and reinstalled the tasmotised sonoff, so lets see what happens at 10am tomorrow!

You may want to start looking at Routines as Smart Lighting will be phased out at some point in the future. That doesn’t imply that you need to switch over immediately… only to start looking at Routines and get ready. :slight_smile:

Thanks…I only have one left…basically switch on lights when someone/anyone arrives…last time I asked, no one had a simple way of achieving that without smartlighting…?

Presence triggers are relatively easy now in Routines.

Any help on actually how to achieve this is welcome!

The following routine should do what you want: