Someone arrives at home

Trying to replicate my last Smartlighting routine but have got stuck!
In the new app,automations, how do I create :
turn on light when anyone arrives at home between certain hours?
It was simple in Smartlighting!

Select the light device
Select Routines (bottom center)
Click the + symbol (top right)
Remove the light IF clause
Click the IF clause + symbol
Select Time
Select Period of time
Select the parameters you wish
Click Done (period of time will require an OK)
Select Member Location
Select the parameters you wish, click Done
Repeat as needed. (You will need to select the "When any condition bellow is met" tab) the default is all.
Next click on the then clause for the light device and supply the condition you require.
Click Done, Save, & Name your new routine.

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Thanks…but I am still stuck!
How do I create the Arrives aspect?
I can create
if away from location
If at location
And I can create
If away for XX minutes…
But if I do the latter,then member location is not an option (again),so I cant create a change of location,if that was the idea.
Smartlighting has the simple function that if anyone arrives,switch on light.
Automations doesn’t have an Arrive function,as far as I can see,so I can’t work out how you create that?!

Just the first one, or each person? I can’t remember how Smart Lighting did it, but Routines aren’t great for the latter unless you use a routine per person.

Although words like arrive and depart or leave get used they are misleading. It is all about present or not present. So if you just test for any member being at home you don’t know if someone has just arrived or left. You can use the location mode (or some other flag) as a precondition so you can differentiate between the house being empty and occupied but you can’t really identify departures and arrivals otherwise.

There is an ‘at home after being away for X minutes’ option but if you last went out of the house five days ago and were gone five minutes that still remains true. It is actually there to debounce arrivals that go present, not present, present in quick succession.

I’ve not used smartlighting so i have no reference on that process. For the automation process you have 2 location types to choose from in the if clause. Choose “Member location” vs “Location mode”. Each member’s phone needs to have its geofence set.
I’ve found Location mode needs to be managed, it appears not to be automated within the hub.
If there are other criteria that needs to be met I’d implement a virtual device or several as needed. In order for all house members to be ored setting an All Members virtual device that can then be anded with the other criteria. Ands & ors can’t be mixed in one routine.

Have you made the leap to Edge?

They can if you use a precondition.

The precondition must be true and then any of the other conditions can be true.


If A and
B or C or D.

The “filters” like day of the week can also serve as an and added to the list of ors in the main clause.


If A or B or C

And it’s Tuesday.

It’s not always obvious how to do it, but it’s more complex than just an and statement versus just an or statement. :thinking:

So it comes down to the details of the specific routine.

I’m not quite sure what you meant by this, but if you mean it’s not automatically set by the platform without customer action so you have to create a rule/automation to set the value, yes, that’s always been true. Location.mode value is set based on whatever you want it to be based on. If you have three people in the household and you want to set the location mode based only on a single phone, you can do that. Or not based on a phone at all. It’s up to you.

For example, some people have a “party“ mode value or a “guest“ mode value or a “holiday” mode value which is not in any way based on Geopresence.

Location.mode is the mode the location is in, not a mode based on the location of the household members.

As another example, at our house we distinguish between “night,“ which is around sunset and “sleeping,” which is after we’ve gone to bed. Night gets set every day 15 minutes before sunset. And “sleeping“ gets set by voice as part of our good night routine.

People use location.mode in many different ways, especially once they start using custom values. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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Hmm…I can see why I managed to move all my Smartlighting apart from this one!! For now, this seems like a bit of a headache (for me!) and Smartlighting still works anyway!
Maybe someone at some point will manage a walk thru for numptees like me :wink: Or maybe Smartthings will actually create something (I might not hold my breath !)

Re Edge, I have moved some devices over if installing a new device, but to date, it hasn’t really been necessary to move others, but is the suggestion that this function might be within someone’s Edge driver?

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Unfortunately I think you need to create a Routine for each mobile presence device. I think the "Any phone or tablet at " option only triggers when nobody is at the location and then the first person arrives. It doesn’t trigger for subsequent arrivals.

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I haven’t checked it out,but under Labs,there is a turn lights on when someone arrives home…!

But I don’t see a time function…

I think you can add “After being away for x time” and it will then trigger for each arrival?

Not in the Labs version…you can’t switch OFF after XX minutes either.
Anyway,seems Samsung can almost do this…maybe they will finish the project :wink:

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One key to successfully porting Smart Lighting automations to Routines is to avoid trying to use a single Routine to do the job.

Smart Lighting is designed for the job in hand and can use multiple stages of arbitrary Boolean logic, loops and variables. The app Routines just handle some relatively simple automations.

The full Rules API is a better tool for the job but even that will often require repetition pending the implementation of loops and variables.

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