[OBSOLETE] Discussion of 2022 Transition Process

It def seems like way to much work. I have about 8 devices left that have not been migrated. I’m not sure when the official migration period ends -says Q1 2023 (but who knows).

Most of the work is looking thru posts to confirm I have the right edge driver installed. I do use the API browser (LOVE this) to compare code, but IDK how to look at the driver installed to confirm its the correct one. I will look for the thread you mentioned. Thanks for the detailed instructions!

How do I download a stock edge driver? I’m adding a thermostat I previously had on the generic z-wave thermostat DTH, but it’s picking up a custom driver that I don’t want to use. When I try to change drivers I see no other option.

I mean edge driver. So it at least moved to edge vs picking up generic thermostat groovy DTH.

I’ll try the beta channel quickly. Will beta drivers be moved automatically to a production driver or will I have to exclude and re include again?

The fingerprint is below. It’s not in the production driver here (https://github.com/SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers/tree/main/drivers/SmartThings/zwave-thermostat) but I see generic thermostats at the bottom of the fingerprint file, so I thought that might pick this up.

type:0806 mfr:009B prod:5354 model:5A31

I get that, but will I forever be on a beta driver? Or will that switch automatically to a production version at some point? Or will I be able to download the production one and switch to that?

I switched to the beta one and seems to be working.

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Got it thanks for the help. Guess will just take the plunge with the beta. Seems better than having the device potentially getting temporarily bricked in the transition.

No they said the beta drivers will stay and you dont have to switch to production version.

@nayelyz can correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that to switch from a ST beta channel driver to a production channel driver, you would have to delete all devices using that driver, delete the beta channel driver, unsubscribe from the beta channel, and then reinstall the devices.

However, she has said in other topics, there is no reason to switch over to production channel drivers from beta channel drivers as they are equivalent with beta channel drivers being released slightly ahead of production.

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As drivers in the default channel (AKA production drivers) cannot be currently installed through a channel invitation but only during the onboarding process, it would be the correct path.
You’re also correct about this:

They used to be different only in the fingerprints they had enabled (uncommented in the code) to be matched during the onboarding process (beta drivers had enabled all fingerprints and production drivers had only those that were confirmed that worked correctly with the driver) until the migration moved on and the priority during the onboarding process changed (Edge drivers before DTHs), the other code was the same.
So, changing from the “beta” driver to “production” would require extra work from you for no reason.

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