Mystery device showing up "zw:S type:6800"

Hoping someone can help me identify a mystery device I had show up in my account. I have a ticket into support but they’ve indicated they have no idea what the device is or how/why it was added. I’ve tried turning the device on/off and physically walking around to see if I can find the device w/ no luck.

The device showed up with the name and is using the DH “Z-Wave Device”. The hub shows the device online. The only data I can find from the logs and api are:

“zw:S type:6800 mfr:0000 prod:0000 model:0000 ver:0.00 zwv:0.00 lib:00”

I’ve tried changing the DH to a couple of the more common devices I have around. The “Dimmer Switch” DH allows me to turn the device on and off. The devices shows online and appears to be responding to commands, I’m able to adjust the dimmer intensity level and have the setting stick. I’ve even written a core routine to cycle the device constantly in the hopes I’ll notice something changing, no luck so far.

For what it’s worth, I have multiple mystery devices that I have been unable to delete.

Man, I added one new device 2-3 weeks ago, in my daze I pressed some sneaky acknowledgement, and it added 48 “SmartSense Motions” and 30+ “Things”. I don’t know what all that garbage is. I moved them all into a brand new room called “AUTODETECT-JUNK”

no problem.