Best Way to Integrate Chamberlain MyQ Garage Doors

Back when I first got SmartThings, I was about to get the status of and control both of my garage doors with SmartThings via my 1.1 Hub.

Flash forward to today and it seems like much if not all of that ability has been crushed. I really want to build some routines with my system that involve the Garage Doors but struggling at what my best choices are to solve this issue.

I will try it again but that’s the one I used to use and then it just stopped working.

When that happens —> there are two things one can try. 1) make sure you have the latest updates for the app because MyQ can make changes or updates from their end from time-to-time. 2) open the MyQ smartapp in ST and click Save to refresh the connection.

MyQ Lite works great with SmartThings. I have my garage door automatically close at 10pm, send alerts if open after X time, and a bunch of other cool automations, Follow this guide to set it up: