Any way to get smartthings to open my chamberlain myq enabled garage door?

Guess I didn’t read the fine print but Chamberlain doesn’t open, but only closes my garage door. Lame. I’m wondering if I can connect this to Smartthings somehow and open it?

yes, there is a community created app for MyQ. Recommended that you purchased a tilt sensor. You can read about it in the following thread…

You can open the garage doors using the classic app using routines or webcore

As @jkp says, there’s a SmartApp.

However, I doubt you’ll be able to get it to do something that the Chamberlain app can’t do.

I have two Chamberlain garage openers with built-in MyQ. I can open and close them using their app.

I was gonna say the same. My Chamberlains open and cloe with the myq app.

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I own two chamberlain garage door openers that are myQ enabled and both fully support opening and close via the myQ app. If yours don’t then you are doing something wrong and/or your safety sensors are broken or otherwise not working.

I also have both of mine integrated with SmartThings using the MyQ lite Smartapp and they work perfectly in my routines for automated closing and opening.

is it because i’m using a liftmaster? i bought the chamberlain device separately. here are pictures of my setup.

I sure think they should work but don’t have one.

Try hitting up the Chamberlain support group. Once the MyQ app works, the SmartThings integration will also