Chamberlain MYQ with smart things

does smart things support the chamberlain MyQ garage door opener
i have it plugged into the network but its not getting discovered.
I read some news that they used to be compatible but not any longer…
is there a work around to make this work? or should it jut be working?

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There is a smartapp…


this works like a charm…
integrated with google as well…
1 to open: google " turn on garage door" works.
2 to close : google “close garage door” works.

QUESTION: can it be set to open to: google “open garage door” as its the more natural thing to do instead of telling it to turn on garage door… without using IFTTT

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Sorry, old post, but I couldn’t resist. You can now use Google Assistant routines and shortcuts to say, “Open/Close Garage door.” This will propagate on all accounts that share Google Home Mini’s in your home.

Be aware that this may be a security concern for you to consider. Many developers have deliberately not included automatically opening/unlocking doors in their feature set with smart assistants. When I linked MyQ with Google Assistant originally using their partner subscriptions ($10/year), it did not support opening or closing the garage door (just status which is ridiculous when you think about it). I am assuming this is for security concerns.

I think the chances of a thief or someone who might have ill intentions taking advantage of these types of exploits in your home is pretty rare. However, if you do a search you will find that it has already been possible to send inaudible commands to Siri and Alexa (, send commands hidden in music and speech recordings (, and, more anecdotally, I have had Google Assistant respond to commands sent through walls.

For those that are visually challenged, I changed the color in my version that indicates a closed door to something other than the standard blue that implies a device is on. I found that when I was turning devices off, mainly lights, my fingers wanted to tap the blue button and open the garage door, which causes other bad things to happen in armed mode. I used a lime green (#13e86d) instead.

attributeState “closed”, label:’${name}’, action:“push”, icon:“st.doors.garage.garage-closed”, backgroundColor:"#13e86d", nextState: “opening”

Thanks - this would be very helpful. Where did you place this code? In the SmartApp or Device Handler(s)? This is my first time to add code, so any advice is appreciated!

Does the MyQ Lite work with the new mobile version of ST?

I apologize for the late reply.

The change I made is in Line 50 of the MyQ Garage Door Opener device handler, at least the version I am using.

I installed the Smart app as per the instruction… And I get the following error:

Warning: MyQ command failed for Driveway Lights(on) - Internal Server Error

Any thoughts?
Oh the Garage doors work fine…

When did you install it? There was a new version released late yesterday night which resolves the issue you mention. You can read the following thread near the bottom which provides details on the issue and special instructions on updating to the latest version to get it working again.

I install it about 60 minutes ago… But I will read the other thread to try and figure it out.
THanks for the super fast response.

If you Continue experiencing issues, post in that thread and the developer will assist :slight_smile:

I am getting the following error when trying to add devices

there was a problem updating devices:
java.lang.NullPointerException: cannont get property
‘deviceNetworkId’ on null object.
Line number: unknown
Last successful step: Sensor Indexing

I am new to this and tried to incorporate MyQ into Samrtthings.I set up my New Device and Device handler from brbeaird then went through the Smart App. Everthing appeared to set up correctly but the garaqe door will not respond to commands

Post in the following thread and the Developer will assist you in getting it working → [RELEASE] MyQ Lite Door and Lamp Control (for Liftmaster/Chamberlain)

Please note: this is a groovy smartapp and support for groovy will probably cease in the coming months.