MyQ Rookie Question

Just installed SmartThings Hub and have garage door opener compatible with MyQ. Trying to find out what is needed to control and monitor via the hub and app. Do not have MyQ adapter. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, start here!

For the post above, you will still need the MyQ gateway. The post above speaks to the device handler and smart app in SmartThings that talks to the MyQ interface.

You can either do this:

And stick with the Chamberlain integration (not supported by SmartThings directly)

Or do this:

And have native Z-Wave integration without the need for a separate SmartApp and Device Handler

I ended up the MyQ route because my new garage door opener had it included, but if you only have one opener and need to buy the adapter you might want to go the GoControl route.

Note that the GoControl is not compatible with most MyQ doors (without some rather invasive soldering and such).

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What? Whoops! Sorry. I had no idea!

Thanks for the information everyone!