Chamberlain Garage Doors

I just purchased Chamberlain garage doors and to my dismay, they have their own standalone app. This is frustrating because I had some ability to integrate (via ADT pulse) garage door activity via scenes/autmations. Is there any way to get the Chamberlain (which uses MyQ) to integrate with Samsung Smartthings?

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Thank you. Is this DIY friendly? Also is the name of the app simply “SmartApp”?

You need to be able to add custom code and device handlers to your IDE. There is no integration out of the box.

Ok completely foreign language to me. Sounds like I would need a professional. Would any relatively experienced home automation company be able to accomplish this?

Just read up on the IDE in this forum. You will want to understand it for other things in ST. There are good instructions in the thread for MyQ Lite.

Make sure you are using the Classic SmartThings App. I’m not sure any of the custom Device Handers or Smart Apps work with the new SmartThings App.

I would recommend adding sensors to the doors. I use these. The seem to work good.

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Definitely not. The instructions take you step-by-step pretty good, even if you’ve never added a custom app before. Give it a shot and see how it goes.