myQ garage door opener control and status in SmartThings

I recently had to replace my garage door opener and my Go Control Z-Wave garage door opener will not work with this new opener. It does have wireless myQ built in allowing me to control it via an app and Google Home. I’ve seen numerous articles discussing myQ - SmartThings integrations but they’re all dated and inconclusive.

Is there currently a reliable way to see the status of as well as control a myQ enabled garage door opener in SmartThings? If so, please share!

I use this smartapp. It works better with a separate sensor. In my case, I have a tilt sensor.

But with groovy being phased out… who knows what will happen.

The GoControl will work you just have to sacrifice a garage door opener. You open up the opener/remote solder the wires that used to go to the opener from the GoControl unit to the remote. It does the same thing as it did before. It simulates a manual button press.

Or you can wire a Zooz relay into your opener to act as a proxy for your button. Then you add an open/close sensor to the door itself. I have been doing this for years and just set my new house up that way too. I had an old Groovy app that linked the sensor and the relay to a virtual garage door but you can skip that step and just wrote some simple routines.