MyQ Lite stopped working yesterday (2021-08-26)

Hi there! My MyQ Lite stopped working yesterday to control my garage door. I tried to update from repo and the app and I was able to update my SmartApp, but the device handlers keep giving me a Error 500 internal server error.

So somethings are updated and some are not. Anyone have any ideas?

You will need to be patient at this point. MyQ updated their API a few days ago which broke things. The developer is working on a fix. More details in the following thread.

As for your code, the top two are the same item. Probably best to wait for a new version in a few days and you can repair at that ime.


Yup I figured something like that. Thanks so much for the info. Not sure how I ended up with 2 copies at some point. :grinning:

@jkp , the ST app is giving me notifications of bad login.

I went into ST App > Automations > MyQ Lite and tried to login, but it didn’t work

Is this the same issue that the developer knows about? Note: the MyQ App logs me in just fine with same credentials that I tried in the ST app.

Yes, same issue

Same issue here over the last 5 days.

Same error. Cannot login anymore.


Thanks for update and quick reply, looking for same issue.

If anyone is interested I found a temporary solution for controlling MyQ via Alexa until the integration is repaired. I am piggybacking off the MyQ lite device already created in ST and did not change any of my automations I already had set up. It’s not elegant but it works.

Download the Simple Commands app (SC)
Create a SC account and verify email
Log in and select add item
Connect MyQ and enter your credentials
Create 2 routines - 1 for open and 1 for close (don’t adjust any routine settings besides selecting open/close)

  1. From the top left menu, select Routines
  2. Select Add routine at the bottom
  3. Name routine, select create routine
  4. Select Garage, hit add, select open/close
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for opposite command

Go back to the top left menus, select all items
Select add/remove items
Find MyQ and select manage
Select sync
Go back to the top left menus, select all items
Select your garage
Select Enable Voice Companion
Toggle each scene to On
Create phrase and Save

In Alexa app
Enable the Kloee for SC skill (not the Simple Commands skill)
Enable skill and discover devices. It should discover the 2 scenes you created above

In ST create a Simulated Alexa Switch (named mine Temp MyQ)
Create 2 automations

  1. If MyQ Device door is open Then open Temp MyQ
  2. If MyQ Device door is closed Then close Temp MyQ
    (These 2 automations link my existing automations)

In Alexa, create 2 routines

  1. When Temp MyQ opens Then (slecet SC open scene)
  2. When Temp MyQ closes Then (slecet SC close scene)

Hope this helps
Edited to include missing step in bold. So sorry!

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Thank you for the details.
I was trying the steps, but in Alexa with the skill to discover devices which never found the 2 sc routines.

Make sure you did these steps.

If it didn’t still doesn’t discover the scenes, try removing the myq integration and readding.

Thank you very much.
For some reasons it’s just not working for me. I will wait for the myQ lite work again.

I’m sorry this isn’t working for you? Did you try doing a manual device discovery in Alexa or disabling/enabling the Kloee for SC skill?

I realized I left an important step out. I Edited the instruction in bold to include enabling Voice assistant. I just redid my set up and it worked. Let me know.

Thank you. After the updated steps, the 2 scenes can be discovered.

Glad it worked!

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Can you elaborate on the “Then (slecet SC open scene)” as I can only open a routine and not a scene…

Sure. Once you’ve completed all the steps above (make sure you did the bold steps)
In Alexa app
Create a routine
When This Happens
Select your simulated Alexa Switch or whatever trigger you want to open the garage
Add Action
Tap the +
Select Smart Home
Select Control scene
Find the scene you made in the Simple Commands app (I named mine open garage & close garage)
Select the scene
Tap Add

Let me know if you need anything else :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Terri, I got it working with Alexa and have even gt it to Announce when opening and closing…

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I’m stuck here:
In ST create a Simulated Alexa Switch (named mine Temp MyQ)

How do I create a Simulated Alexa Switch in ST?