Myq chamberlain garage door

i have a myq chamberlain garage door that im trying to intergrate with my smartthings hub. i got everything working but all of a sudden it stopped working. when i look at my smart apps and click on the myq lite have my password and id there i click next and i get an error message. does anyone know why this stopped working

best place to post your question is in the MyQ Lite thread. what is the error message?

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do you know how i can remove the old myq smart app. im trying but i keep getting this error
This SmartApp can’t be deleted at this time because it is installed by one or more users

Can I ask a question… when did you install the MyQ app? recently or have you had it installed for awhile?

i think i installed it back in july. but as of a week ago my door stopped opening. when i went into and went to myq lite and i tried going through the log in info i was getting an error message like it wasnt finding my account. when i put the new myq i could go right through. my garage door still isnt working so i thought it might be confused with the old code so i tried to delete it but i can get it to delete

OK :slight_smile: There was a new version released about a month ago that resolved an issue where some users could no longer operate their doors. Instead of trying to delete it, try to update to the newer version. I bet that will solve the issue you are experiencing, :slight_smile:

sorry im not to familure with doing this stuff. i basically just get things to work and thats it. how do i go about updating

I am going to let @WB70 guide you. This guy loves to help folks install/update apps. He is good at it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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thanks for you help. i did finally get it to work. the only thing that is different now my closed button is not colored blue any more is there a way to make it blue again? did i miss something when i installed it?

the newest version changed it to the white background to make it consistent with ST colors

ok sounds good. just incase it happens to someone else that cant delete it. it was because i had the garage door still listed in my things. when i removed that it worked

You can but I wouldn’t recommend changing the colors because if there are updates to the device handlers, you will want to update and will have to modify it each time. There are several different state changes with different colors (open/closed - opening / closing, etc)

But if you must, you can edit the Device Handler and modify the values for background colors.

:grinning: he got it figured out.

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Hi I smoke to u back in December I think and u helped my get my Chamberlain garage door working with my smartthings hub. My door stopped working today. Did an update come out?



I believe MyQ is having issues today. I can’t login on their MyQ app. And their site is showing an error message last time I checked.