[BETA] MyQ Lite 3.0 - Need testers!

This release is now live. Thanks to all who helped test!
To install the latest version, see the main thread here.

A new release of MyQ Lite is ready for testing. This involves significant code rework and cleanup on the back-end and sets up the app for easier transition to MyQ API v5 at some point in the future.

Notable changes in this version (screenshots below):

  • Improved SmartApp screens and setup flow
  • Optional push notifications when version updates are available
  • Optional push notifications when door open/close commands fail
  • Removes cap on number of doors. Behind the scenes, this also means sensor variables are fully
    dynamic instead of hard-coded.
  • Acceleration sensor functionality has been removed. In the end, I decided the benefits of more door movement information provided by this were not worth the complexity in the code. It’s possible I may eventually get a sensor and work it back in if demand for it is strong enough.

Because of the unusually high amount of code changes here, I am hoping to get at least some feedback from some people willing to put it into their environment and verify all works well before I push it out on GitHub.

Important - After installing the newest SmartApp and Device Handler code, please open the SmartApp in the SmartThings Classic mobile app, tap on “modify devices”, and step through the device selection steps. The new version of the app should be smart enough to pick up your existing devices without affecting them. If that is not the case, let me know.



I was able to update via the IDE by updating my existing Github link from the ‘master’ branch to the ‘v3’ branch. After that, installed the updated code just like always. After that, from the Classic app, I went into the SmartApp and then saved, but that wasn’t enough to get things working. I had to tap on ‘Modify devices’ and step through that before things started working. Other than that, everything seems to be working the same as it did before.

My setup is pretty simple though - 1 door with a tilt sensor.

Also, I tested from the new Smarthings app and while the ‘Open’ command worked, the app threw an error “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” Other than the error message, it seems to work from the new app.

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Thanks, @iridris . Hopefully that network error was just a temporary glitch. Let me know if you run into anything else.

Since the old version started acting up recently, I have decided to test this version. I will let you know if there is bugs issues with every day testing.
Thanks for the hard work.

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Everything seems to be working so far. The only thing I noticed that the app is showing update when there is not update available on IDE. Maybe, this is intended but I am not sure.

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Is it still doing this? Can you post a screenshot? I had a “test” version set to the latest for awhile just to force the update notification, but I’ve reverted that back, so 3.0 should truly be the latest version available.

I have installed, does this mean we only need the app installed 1 time for multiple doors?

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Yes, one install can handle multiple doors - just select them all when configuring.

It has been fixed! It was showing an update yesterday. Thanks for the hard work!

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Thank you to all who installed and tested this. Looks like it’s all running smoothly. The updated version is now live. Feel free to switch back over to the normal branch whenever you want.

Let me know if you run into anything.

Hello brbeaird,
Thanks for the code! I installed 3.0 on a liftmaster myQ no sensors and I have everything set up and published. The momentary button tile doesnt seem to be working. I can click into the “Garage Door” option and open and close does work, but “Garage Door Open’ and Garage Door Close” buttons do not work. Again, these are all published and I can verify that the Door is assigned and I did the tap to modify option. Am I missing something? BTW Im able to see the buttons in the smartthings app.


Can you check the Live Logging in the web IDE when you tap the buttons to see if there are any errors happening?

Ok, I can verify that the problem is with the Momentary Button tile for the open event… The close event works fine.

Starting from the bottom here is the live logging.
-Open Door momentary Button pressed ( error nothing happens)
-Closed Door momentary Button pressed (no errors)
-Opened Door device (not button) and selected open (Door opens)
-Opened Door device (not button) and selected close (Door closes)

Testing Close Momentary Button Tile Event
-Opened Door device (not button) and selected open (Door opens)
-Closed Door momentary Button pressed (Door closes)

Not sure why the open event works for the device and not the button.

I did notice that the device ID for open and close are different. Not sure if that matters. I deleted everything and readded and i’m still see the dame results.

Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the info. I think I see the issue. Working on it now.

Update pushed - give that a shot and see if it fixes it.

Brilliant, it works!

I just migrated from Sears Assurelink to MyQ, and had to select ‘liftmaster’ as my Gateway Brand in the new MyQ Lite App 3.01 Device 3.00. You might, somewhere down the road, want to remove the reference to Sears as a selection as they are alerting us, when we use their old {black} app, that we MUST migrate to MyQ or loose functionality. The Assurelink to MyQ migration was very easy so that was a relief, and your new MyQ Lite App provided immediate functionality to my doors. Thank you!

As a side note, I have separate virtual contact switches associated with my 3 MyQ Lite doors that integrate with the MyQ Alert notification emails sent to my Gmail inbox. These MyQ email notifications are read by a Python program and toggle the open/close virtual contact sensors, which in turn works with your MyQ Lite door status.

I tried installing physical contact sensors on the three doors but the distance and # of walls from the ST hub to my garage prevents such a reliable connection, even with Z-Wave extenders. So the email confirmations have been 100% solid.

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That’s awesome info - thank you. I’ll remove that soon.

That virtual switch setup is awesome - nicely done. A few others here have done similar things with the IFTTT subscription. Very clever.

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Where do I find the new code?

It has been pushed out to the regular myq lite github master branch