MyQ garage doors opener

(Cole) #1

im new to this and im trying to get my MyQ garage door opener to work with smartthings. can someone help me with this?

(jkp) #2

This thread should get you going in the right direction:

(Cole) #3

I got it to work but my sensor always reads closed. i click it to open and it says opening but then in a few seconds it says closed and my door is open. did i install something wrong?

(Kelvin Evans99) #4

I installed a UNIVERSAL SECURITY+ 2.0™ INTERFACE MODULE from Creative access solutions

It installs between the GeoCOntrol Linear door contoller and the Garage door opeaner. It allows SmartThings to open and Close a MyQ garage door opeaner

(Kurt Jones) #5

What sensors did you install on the garage door?