Lost Z wave control

It seems that I have lost control of my Zwave products and some of my zwave things have drop out of smartthings? I must have done something wrong I’m sure. Anyway I have done the following step and and cannot even get the things to connect?

  1. Rebooted Hub taking battery out for 15 minutes and more.
  2. Push button on back and reset it that way.
  3. When to the IDE and did a zwave repair and get following
    A: Network repair for device [01]: Failed to update mesh info
    B: Network repair for device [01]: Failed to update route
    C: Z-Wave network repair finished (but didn’t repair
  4. I when to marketplace and try to reconnect by replacing or removing and reinstalling no luck.
  5. I contacted support but I know that they are busy?

If anyone has any idea of what else that I can do please advise.

Generally support has to address this issue.

There is one other possibility–if you have any Sonos devices, remove all of them except one. This shouldn’t have any impact on zwave, but it does for some accounts.

More likely, though, you have some “ghost” devices on your account and support can help you identify and remove them.

There is also a thread in the forums on Z wave repair failing that has some additional information:

@JDRoberts Thanks so much for your help. You should be in support. it’s going to take awhile for me to trust Smartthings for a while in the meantime I will be moving most of my zwave to another controller beside smartthings which has so many issues. Thanks again.

I lost control of all my z-wave devices today, also. I attempted a hub reboot with no luck and a z-wave repair.

Make sure to let support know, please send them a ticket. Sorry you having problems please go to the post that @JDRoberts suggest and read there nothing to be done without support and it’s slow.

Thanks…I have already submitted a support ticket. I’ve had STs since kickstarter with nearly 100 things. This has never happened.

i been here since the kickstarter era also. I really like smartthings and it been running good for me up to this point. I really thought that when they upgraded to hub 2.0 they should have had a program to back up and restore but other than that no real problems.