My Top issues with v2 - READ because missing features, you are going backwards

After spending 4 or so hours trying to migrate to v2, fighting with inclusion and exclusion of devices, I got there. Yeah,

  1. I can not add users. Therefore I cannot use “presence” on their IOS/Android devices
  2. Lights timers - turning off after X minutes, or turn off after no motion doesnt exist.
  3. Dashboard - All the statuses you had before are replace with “Smart Home monitor”. I could live with that if I had 1 and 2 working.

4 . garage door integration with tilt sensor no longer supported.


Conspiracy mode on:
Regarding garage door functionality…
(1). SmartThings faced liability risk.
(2). SmartThings dropped the support in order to get Chamberlain on board officially.


I completely agree with 1. and 2.
They need to get those fixed asap.

Going with 1 only. Not conspiracy, just compliance. It’s the correct choice.


Is the same problem not affecting the Linear GD00Z series? Because that is UL listed with all required safety features, but it is also a two-piece system with a separate tilt sensor, so I thought it would also fail to be recognized as a garage door control in the V2 mobile app. Or am I just wrong on that?

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The linear tilt sensor uses 433(I think) to communicate with the linear garage controller. It’s all in one.


There’s an option to turn off lights X minutes after motion stops in the Smart Lights app. I use it every day.


Only if you use to turn on the light with motion. If you just want to use the app to turn off when motion stops, you don’t get the delay option.


I don’t think there was an option to do that in V1 either, so it’s not a “missing” feature comparing to V1.

Oh yes there was. I have tried to replicate the set up I had and ran into this issue plus the even more annoying issue with polling the motion sensors, which seems to now be set at two minutes, I believe. These two issues killed the local processing for me.

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Yes, there was.

There were two types of timed turn offs that are missing from the new Smart Lights.

  1. turn off after x minutes without requiring a sensor

  2. turn off after x minutes of inactivity after turning on with something other than motion. (This has all the right fields, but they don’t all appear when you need them for this use case)

@bravenel has already written two little smart apps to replace this missing functionality with the understanding that it will probably be added back in to smart lights sometime soon. So nothing fancy, but they should get people through for now.


@bravenel is a master of mixing motion sensors with override switches, so I expect these jumped out at him more than they would for most people until they went to try to set up that specific use case. (One example was his famous “don’t wake the baby” smartapp where a light that was normally triggered by a motion sensor could be set to NOT come on from motion if the parent tapped the wall switch. :sunglasses:)


Most certainly it was. I have 11 motion sensors, and that was major functionality I was using.

Liability risk? In what way?
Losing my tilt sensors is a V2 deal killer for me…

If you use SmartThings to activate your Garage door and you either:

  1. Leave it open because the tilt sensor didn’t work and get burgled.

  2. Close it with negligence (eg., out of view, no beeping warning) and hit a child on the head.

A lawyer may attempt to sue SmartThings. Welcome to America. Not saying Chamberlain doesn’t face similar challenges, but that’s their core business, so they have less choice. SmartThings earns nothing from supporting Garage in an ad hoc fashion, therefore, all risk with very little reward.

I understand that in the uber litigious soup we live in… However, those circumstances seem waaaaaay out in left field. Kind of like suing Schlage if the battery dies on your lock, you don’t have the hard key, and you’re subsequently hit by lightening because you had to stand out in the rain as a result…
Just seems like a stretch… However, it’s they actually killed the tilt sensors, I’m sticking with V1…

This was a Samsung move… right? I’d expect this from Samsung…

Perhaps this is Windows redux… you just have to skip generations…

Perhaps I don’t understand the problem.
Sensors still work… They just no longer offer it as an official Solution SmartApp. I still get garage door open alerts from my Tilt Sensor. PM me if you want to review details.

And…yes… A lawsuit for a kid killed by a Cloud activated garage door… Definitely possible. Probably a code violation.


How is that different from:

  1. Leaving your front door unlocked because Z-Wave lock (or ST cloud) failed and getting burglarized.
  2. Leaving your tea kettle on because Z-Wave power switch (or ST cloud) failed and having your home burned down.

It’s not (much).

SmartThings must do a thorough job in their “Terms of Use” to limit liability and protect themselves.

But there is no such thing as 100% protection from legal liability claims, and only a lawyer can predict which battles are more likely than others, even if the difference is a 0.1% chance a judge will take the case vs a 0.5% chance.

Again… It’s just speculation. But if I had to personally make the decision, I would take that difference in liability risk into account, even if negligible (which, in my total layman’s opinion, it likely is not negligible, due to precedents probably existing related to garage door negligence).

Regardless… SmartThings doesn’t have to give a reason from dropping support for and of anything.

No they don’t have to give us the reason but removing functionality from paying users who are upgrading is a poor decision at best. They should probably have shared if they want to avoid alienating paying customers, at the very least be up front that features are being removed even if they don’t want to tell us why.

I have a 20+ year old garage door that has a sensor that would prevent anything like this from happening, I’ve never seen a remote garage door with out the same sensor.

I want to make it clear I’m not targeting or trying to start an argument with @tgauchat here but using his comments as context to best explain the bad taste left in my mouth by ST’s making what I see as a really bad customer service decision. Be upfront and honest with your clients, why should I trust your products in my house if you can’t let me know about something simple like this?