Garage Door Control after v2?

I was far too quick to upgrade to the new hub and more importantly the new android client. I removed all my devices wanting to start ‘clean’… so I’ve lost my dashboard… shame on me for not reading the forums first. But now I can’t recover the Garage Door functionality with an Evolve FS20Z relay and Ecolink Tilt Sensor exampled here…

Has anyone been able to do this in the brave new SmartThings world we’re living in?
Surely I’m just overlooking something… I hope.

Wow, this appears to be impossible right now.

The graph view of an installed garage door is

Doors & Locks

  • Garage Door
    – Door Alert if left open
    – Door Garage Open/Close

You can’t get there from here right now, it seems. You can add a Garage Door device type, but those other smart apps don’t “exist” in a visible form in the 2.0 app.

Can you add the device itself? If you change its device type to the right type for your door do you get the “Garage Door” controls for the device itself?

What device type can you use? I’m in the same boat. There is an option in routines to open or close a garage door but it’s empty when it says “available options” we’re you able to get a device type that works? If you did, where can I get it.

hey @Ben, have any ideas on what we can do? There is no “available options” while setting up a garage door in a routine even though it works with other smart apps.

Ok, so there are custom garage doors that implement “switch” - so On is Open and Off is closed. My garage door (switch) shows up in the Routine chooser for turn on/off switch option, but like others noted above I can’t select it when I go down the “open/close garage door” path, since it’s not showing up as an option.

See Linear GD00Z-4 GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener-- for some of the device types that also work like switches.

There is another thread complaining about this. I don’t have a solution either. MIMOlite with ST multi sensor, doesn’t seem to be a way to link the two anymore.I am actually working with support on this. I’ll update if I find a solution

Partial solution: got my ST multi sensor to show the correct state by changing the device type to “Smartsense Garage Door Sensor” in IDE. No solution for linking the relay and the sensor. The relay is working but is showing a status of “closing” regardless if it’s closing/opening the door.

I have the same exact issue. I am using LFM-20 Relay and Smartsense sensor. I need the Open/Close Garage routines set-up for my iPhone widgets. Now I have to stop my car like 30 seconds while I open Smartthings app, and go to Things and click on the Relay to open the garage.

What prevents you from creating a routine to fire your relay? My door opens automatically on presence via ‘I’m back’ routine.

Has support said anything about why this is occurring? I mean presumably I would expect mostly like for like functionality with the addition of the v2 features. Even for things they’ve taken away for new users like Labs, I’d expect existing us to be able to ask support to provide the SmartApps that our old location had that originated from Labs…I’m somewhat curious about what technical issue v2 presents that prevents support from copying the Doors and Locks Dashboard SmartApp into your new v2 location. And why can’t they configure the same devicetype that the v2 uses to facilitate the multisensor also acting as a button? Is there something technically preventing that? Knowing the technicalities behind this issue might help us anticipate other unanticipated loss of functionality to be aware of as we’re debating the v2 migration. Or is this truly just that much of an edge case?

I cannot find the Relay when i try to select device to set as Garage doors. It used to be possible with the old app, but i had to reinstall after i converted to Hub 2.0.

@eddiemax69 … That doesn’t work. But you should be able to add your relay to the “Turn on these lights or switches” section.

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Here is what I received from support. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions…

We are currently reviewing our garage door implementation to make it work as well as we possibly can (we’re considering adding lasers, but we’re on the fence about it still). For now the best solution we’ve got for setting up a garage with a controller and a sensor on the door is this:

  1. Create a new room by tapping the 4 square (My Home) button at the bottom, going to to rooms tab, tapping the menu button in the top right, then Add a Room
  2. Call the room Garage (or whatever you want. We won’t judge)
  3. Tap Add Devices to your Room and select the sensor and garage controller. Hit Done then Done again.
  4. You now have the controller and the sensor grouped in the room. Tap the controller to open/close the door and look at the status of the sensor to indicate whether the door is currently open or closed. Optionally you can tap the menu again and hit Edit Room. Now where it says “select a device that will appear at the top of the Room’s list” you can add either the controller for easier button-pushing or the sensor for easier status-viewing (personally I prefer having the sensor there).
  5. Depending on the specific sensor and garage door controller you’re using, it may be necessary to manually change the device types in the web interface to get proper functionality. I am more than happy to do this for you if you’d like. Just connect the devices and tell me what models they are and the names you gave them in SmartThings.

I know this isn’t the most elegant of solutions, but it should be effective in the mean time while we cook up something nicer. If you have any trouble setting this up or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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heh I logged a proactive ticket when I first saw this thread and got the same response (including laser jokes…). Think I’ll follow up and ask for some more particulars. Based on what I know of the v2 hub I don’t see where replicating this functionality of the v1 hub would be problematic… That of course means I don’t understand enough of the v2 hub differences and need to seek clarification so as to better make the when to migrate decision. Thanks for the info @SBDOBRESCU.

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I think there have been changes in the API because I went back and pulled in the “Ridiculously Automated Garage Door” and I couldn’t make it work. I spent some time on it yesterday, but is not worth my time to troubleshoot it. I can open/close the garage door, so that’s good enough for the moment.

I got it working with my routines! If you go and set the relay as a virtual contact switch, in the routines just say “turn on a light or switch” use that to turn the switch on. it works, im watching my sensor change.

Yeah understand not wanting to spend a ton of time. I’d just like to get a grasp on how likely other devices/SmartApps are to run into these non-passive v2 API changes. Those certainly offset some of the value v2 provides in terms of local processing (low value in current state), zwave plus, camera support, etc…

I’ll try this when I get home. Thanks!

So far I have my set up back on track, but certainly is much more “streamlined” than I had it before. I gutted many personal and community based apps in lieu of the “approved” apps (where possible). I am not able to use the Smart Light app, so instead I went with @slagle 's Lighting Director. But other than that nothing major to complain, except for minor inconveniences, which I can certainly live with. I am actually starting to like the Smart Home Monitoring and still exploring what else can v2 offer. :wink:

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I’m using a relay that I built paired with a Schlage plug in module (RP100RNX) and an eco link tilt sensor. Got everything to work by changing the device type of the plug in module to a z-wave virtual momentary contact switch.

I am using a Linear FS20Z-1 Z-Wave relay and SmartSense Multi Sensor for my Garage Door automation and these are the steps I took to work around the V2 issue.

  1. Logged into IDE
  2. Clicked on My Devices
  3. Clicked on the SmartSense Multi Sensor for the Garage Door
  4. Clicked on Edit
  5. Selected SmartSense Garage Door Multi from the Type * drop down
  6. Clicked on Update
  7. Clicked on My Devices
  8. Clicked on the Linear FS20Z-1 Z-Wave relay I am using to control the Garage Door
  9. Clicked on Edit
  10. Selected Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch from the Type * drop down
  11. Clicked on Update
  12. Opened the Smartthings App on my iPhone
  13. Opened Rooms
  14. Tapped on Edit Room from the Three Dot drop down
  15. Tapped on Add a Room
  16. Named the Room Garage Door
  17. Added the Garage Door Sensor and Relay to Add Devices to your Room
  18. Tapped on Done
  19. Tapped on Done
  20. Tapped on Edit Room from the Three Dot drop down
  21. Tapped on Add Device
  22. Selected the Garage Door Sensor
  23. Tapped on Done
  24. Tapped on Done
  25. Tested by tapping on the Garage Door Relay
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