My Top issues with v2 - READ because missing features, you are going backwards

Can we please turn conspiracy mode off?

If you own a modern garage door with a remote, it should have a safety beam to keep it from closing when there are obstructions. Controlling the garage door from an app won’t override its safety features.

I have not seen anything from SmartThings about garage doors. There are lot’s of things being retooled to fit better with the new app design.


For anybody interested in bringing 433 mhz devices into ST take a look into my project found here:

No guarantees any devices are supported by the RC-Switch arduino library. That’s always step 1 before investing in the ST shield.

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Then you’d better have lots of mouthwash around in you’re sticking with SmartThings. They removed a whole lot more than Garage door functionality in the new app (Things Tile View, …) and they’ve made many such changes in the past. They’re an abusive spouse, perhaps. But we’re welcome to divorce.


They also removed the Linear relay used for Garage Door integration I wrote documentation for :

Very disappointed with ST. But I am still going to go out on limb and give them some slack. Hopefully, they will come out with something better soon.

I agree. I want to hear from SmartThings on this. This was the VERY FIRST application I bought ST to implement, and I’m one of the superspeciallotsofdevices people they reached out to and offered premium support for the v2 transition. My v2 hasn’t arrived, and now I’m not sure it’s coming out of the box.

I’ve got a whole lot better chance of getting electrocuted installing or troubleshooting one of the gazillion AC-powered zwave switches that exist out there than I do of errantly closing the garage door on someone and actually hurting them. My garage door, like virtually everyone else’s at this point, has multiple safeguards.

If this is marketing, for the sake of a partner, shame on them.


My frustration is that after migrating to v2 I can’t add my two teenagers as users. What’s the point of creating a connected house with home/away actions if I can’t add others living in the house? I’ve emailed their support and was told they knew about it. When I asked about an eta…no response.


  1. Alert me if a door is open or opened between specific times of day. aka: My garage was left open or opened at night.

If it shows up on the sensor list, you can do this as a custom alert in smart home monitor. I have mine set to notify me if a closet door is left open for two minutes. And you can restrict it to specific times or modes. Or is this part of the garage door problem?

I am using a standard SmarthThings Tilt sensor. The issue is there is no alerts now in the new app for new version 2.0 hub. In the Custom Home security I can only alert if door is opened. aka: A Verb. I want if open or Opened? aka: its ok if the door is open, but once 10pm hits I want to know if the door is open and if anybody opens it later in the night.

Another that is missing.

  1. I want to turn off my outside light after x minutes if during the day my kids turn them on.

You don’t know how many times my kids just hit all the switches on the wall when walking out.

That’s a very reasonable use case… And there are plenty of folks here who will offer to write a SmartApp for that for free. And I’ll do it for a fee.

SmartThings strategy is that $99 doesn’t get you everything you need.


Yeah, a lot of people miss that one. @bravenel wrote a replacement, but it’s definitely annoying that it’s not in Smart Lights.

If it doesn’t have the settings you need, ask in that topic.


Here as well. I have emailed that special email box twice, and been roundly ignored. Staying on v1. Was content here as it was, and if they can’t be bothered to deliver promised support to us in the Century Club then I would hang back.

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So… I use the monoprice tilt sensor just to send me alerts when the door is opened or closed… Or left open for more than 5 minutes after 8pm… Am I not going to be able to do this anymore with the v2 hub?

To top it all off I’m one of the lucky ones with a busted v2 hub that won’t get past the setup screen. Cool…

If you go to the “account” drop down from the upper right you can add users.

SmartApps setup in the mobile App V1 continue to work in V2. If the solution SmartApp is no longer available for new installs, you’re certain to find someone in the Community who has or will write one.

After reading this, I just cancelled my Amazon pre-order for the V2 Hub.
I don’t have the patience to deal with workarounds for features I am currently enjoying on the existing Hub - specifically the turn-off after X minutes for lights (in my case, a fan).
Stupid ST for deprecating features in V2 without listing same. I will reconsider when full (and more) functionality returns.

Hopefully someone in ST marketing monitors these threads.

This is a change in the mobile App, not the Hub.

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I’m pretty sure there is an App to do what you are saying already in there. And if there is one thing that has really made SmartThings awesome, is that if there isn’t (and there is), it would be created in a day or two. This community really fills in the gaps quickly like no other. Good luck.

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