v2: Garage doors?

In the previous version of the app/hub you could create a “Garage Door”, and select a relay + tilt sensor to control it. You could then have it open/close automatically when you arrived/left. This functionality is completely missing from the new v2 hub/app. Does anyone have a suitable workaround? I don’t see a way to accomplish this on the new version. I’ve contacted support, but I wanted to see what others were doing to solve this while I await a response.

I’m seriously regretting my v2 upgrade so far. I basically paid $100 for a worse system with (apparently limited) offline functionality. I thought I was getting the same system with the ability to run SmartApps offline (as long as they didn’t have some cloud dependency), and battery backup.

What I really don’t understand is why they would take away the old method of creating Doors & Locks / Lights & Switches without having a suitable replacement ready first. I’m all for “rethinking” things, but you have to actually design a better solution to something, before removing the old one.


It’s broken. :scream:

Report it to support and see the following topic:

I was equally disappointed to find out that v2 doesn’t have the same functionality. I really thought that v2 will be just like v1 but with the local processing, battery backup and video streaming. It was a bad sign when the news of missing dashboard items came out. Hope they will bring back v1 features soon!!!

While not as popular perhaps, I use a MIMOLite that is quite a super nice garage door opener, with a contact sensor built in as well. I don’t need a separate relay and sensor because it’s all in one.

I know at one time ST worked with these devices similar to your setup, but I much prefer the MIMOLite. Here’s what it looks like in the new app and Hub v2:

Original thread about this kind of set up:

Add another disappointed customer for this missing feature in v2… Also, does anyone know how I can change a multi sensor type to garage vs. conventional door. My conventional door multi sensors are now stuck in an Open state… thanks, and hope ST support brings back the Garage door feature from v1.

Yes, via the IDE. You can edit your device to change from “zwave garage door opener” back to what ever type of sensor it is.

EDIT: I’m assuming this is how it shows up for you since my device is completely different, but the general idea of using the IDE to make changes like that still apply. If you don’t feel OK making changes I recommend contact support.

If you’ve not been in the IDE before, please post back. I’m looking for some posts in the Community for you right now.

@johnconstantelo - Thank you! Y’day I changed the multi’s device type for Garage to SmartSense Garage Door Multi, and that is working fine… The issue I’m facing is with regular doors (conventional was the option in v1 (app); I didn’t have to update IDE)… trying to play around in the IDE with different types, will post back if successful!

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It sounds like the change must be made in IDE. I am waiting for confirmation, but that is what support suggested, which I couldn’t believe.

Also very pissed I can’t setup my garage door this way. I just moved and upgraded… big mistake.

So what did you do to show it as open/closed? Do you mind sharing?

@SBDOBRESCU, it’s all in a single device type code for the MIMOLite, which is why I prefer that device over separate devices, and having to use a Routine. ST does have a default device type called “MIMOLite Garage Door Controller”, but it’s not yet using the new tile format for App v2.0. I created mine a while back and just updated it:



In same boat, though as being pretty suspicious of “new” technology I was reading up on forum before upgrading, I am happy I did, so I am staying with v1 for now.

Oh wow, I don’t know how I missed your response. Thanks for sharing. I’ll give it a try tonight. I almost closed the door on my car last night -:frowning:

I completely missed this part …

…I am using the SmartSense sensor :frowning:

Yeah, sorry about that. That’s why I love the MIMOLite with an external wired contact sensor. It’s been bulletproof for me since I don’t need to worry about separate devices to work together. And in light of the recent Apocalypse 2.0 release that nuked what you once had, I’m especially glad the MIMOLite works the way it does. :wink:

Hmmm…I have 3 choices now. Buy a wired sensor; write my own app or bring back MyQ from hibernation (was waiting for the official integration on this one since I jumped the Wink boat) :slight_smile:

My vote to be honest. That way you don’t have to wonder if an app, third part API, or wifi is causing you fits.

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There is a good possibility that they did away with this functionality to avoid litigation if something were to go wrong. I believe automatic garage door openers are required to have an audio and visual notification that the door is going to close. This is to prevent an accident when closing a door you cannot see.

Nope. Shouldn’t be any legal issues there or else every company who makes the actual garage door unit would be sued. You can use your normal garage door remote to open or close the door when you are inside the house with no eyes on the door. I think they just rushed it out without every feature…

That’s a possibility too. I know the notifications are required for UL safety certifications.