Garage Doors and Routines (all platforms, all garage tilt sensors, discuss problems with app 2 here)

I recommend installing SmartRules. I find it is far more robust in allowing IFTTT-type rules to be created, without having to understand IFTTT programming. The interface is very easy to use, and one of the rules I have set up for it is for my garage door.

The rule states that, if someone leaves, AND the tilt sensor indicates open, THEN push the garage door relay switch. In this way, if the garage door is already closed when someone leaves, it won’t be automatically opened.

In a similar way I have a rule that opens the garage when someone arrives: If arrive AND tilt sensor is closed THEN push relay switch.

SmartRules is so open in what triggers/conditions you can use that, if I wanted, I could have the garage door close per the above, but ALSO IF the living room lamp is OFF.

Using SmartRules will solve the garage door problem with v2, I believe. I use SmartRules for all of my complex rules, and use the SmartThings app for adding/managing devices.


Let me go buy an iPhone to try it out, not…

One could do the same rules with

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If you have the tilt sensor set up on the old hub, go to and login. Under “My devices”, find your sensor, edit it, and change the location and hub to be your new location/hub.
I did this for my Smartthings Multi-sensor (after struggling for a while trying to figure out how to get the tilt notification), and it worked. Can’t say for sure whether this will work for all other sensors. May be worth a try

I want the old garage opener smart app back! This is ridiculous to remove a feature a lot of users counted on after paying for v2 of the hub.


This is really irritating… I was just about to start my transition to Hub V2 when I can across this garage door issue. I just sent a email to support to see what my options are.


I’m looking for some guidance. I just received my Hub V2 and was about to begin transferring things over when I came across the community post: My Top issues with v2 - READ because missing features, you are going backwards

I’m concerned about the garage door functionality. I currently have three garage doors setup with the following hardware:!/products/samsung-smartthings-multipurpose-sensor!/products/aeon-labs-minimote

The doors are setup using the Door Garage Control smartapp. With the way my garage is setup the relay module is not accessible for manual button pushes, therefore I use the minimote to trigger the doors via smartthigns.

Will I still be able to setup this up once I transition over to Hub V2?

Thanks for the help!

I must be missing something. I have half of the multi sensor on my garage door (no clue where the other half is, never thought I’d need it) how do I get it back to where it shows if it’s open or closed based on if the sensor is horizontal (open) or vertical (Closed)

Also trying to remember what I did to my mimo to make it so I just hit the button once and it opened. I have to hit it twice to register the click.

Switch the device type to “SmartSense Garage Door Multi”.

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So irritating, they already have the code:
Old way was simple and worked like a charm.

This and other SmartApps should have been left alone…

The other one I had experience with was the Auto Door Lock… Replaced by “Enhanced Auto Lock Door” which is ridiculous IMO… But was pretty easy to just remove the garbage code from it and have it just simply lock the dam door.


Hey folks,

I got my MIMOLite to show up as a garage door in Routines by adding capability "Garage Door Control" to my device type.


I was just getting ready to move from V1 to V2 when I was reading the migration blog and saw the problem with Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener. I have just got it working the way I wanted it with V1. The plan to make the move has come to a screeching halt.
Now plan is to put V2 on shelf and stick with V1 until V2 has all the bugs and compatibility problems worked out.


So finally decided to move to V2, and just finished setting up my garage door with the Evolve LFM20 switch…

aaaaaaand I just realized that they screwed me.

How could they take this functionality away? At least keep the working stuff till the new version is ready?!?!?!?!


I experienced the same frustration today

It took a few attempts for my GD00Z-4 to connect to hub 2.0, but once it did it works fine. It shows up as a garage door device type, correctly reports if open/closed, and works as it should.

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aren’t you glad they told you up front you are now a beta tester? I’m so frustrated! we were all told that every device would have to be removed and re setup and being told in advance i decided I could accept that but they never really said that they COULD NOT be re setup after…

why on earth would they take functionality out before they have a replacement? more frustrating is their “work around” that add no extra functionality besides giving you an easy place to see it from. but still does not tie into routines

I jumped in and moved to Hub V2 and the one device I was worried about moving turned out to be a snap. The Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener. When I got to the point to exclude it, I got ladder and pushed the remove button on the app and then pushed button on the GD00Z-4 and while holding my breath it excluded from V1. Include was just as easy and works just like it did on V1, actually everything seems to work quicker with V2.
Thanks Phil_Day for advising me it worked fine.


I’ve got a ‘Welcome Home’ routine that is supposed to activate when EITHER my wife or I come home. It works great when both of us are not there and one of us comes home. It does NOT work, however, if one of us is already home and the other one then comes back.

I’ve checked my settings and it is set to go off regardless of ‘mode’. Any ideas?

Until we have Decision Tables that allow multiple varied criteria and validate the input, overlap & gaps, they are all just code in a different language.

I just migrated everything over last night from v1 to v2. That was fun!.. :wink:

Beyond the other issues I experienced with deleting location, hub, and excluding a few items, I got I finally got it all done.

As many of you have experienced, the LInear/GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1 or Evolve LFM-20 Fixture module does not pair as easily with the ST Multi Sensor. I was able to add both devices to the Hub v2, without any problem.

After reading through these rants, I fiddled with the IDE to determine the proper TYPE, so I can make things work.

I still haven’t made is as fluid at in V1, where the multi sensor THING showed open/closed status, and triggered the relay to physically open or close the door.

I now have two Things, under Garage Grouping, that I need to use to make it work.

I changed the ST Multi Sensor type to Smartsense Garage Door Sensor Button, so the tile/icons look the same as in v1. This accurately shows me open/close status, with minimal delay. The button portion, as in V1, does not trigger the relay. I will see if I can alter any code or set up a routine, as you mention, to do so.

It also shows open or closed in Smart Home Monitor, and will trigger routines you set up for notifying, Alarming, etc…

Next, I changed the Linear FS20Z-1 Z-Wave Relay switch to a Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch, as described by Ben Siegel. If I want to open the garage, then I hit the relay button, as in V1. It shows an ON status while the door opens/closes, and OFF, while the door opens/closes. This is as excepted from a switch, and changing ti to a virtual contact switch did nothing to help with combining these two things. It again did change the icon to look like v1.

Now I need to figure out how to point this to the Multi Sensor, so it can work like it did with V1. Although I need to use two things to make it work, It gets the job done, and I can set up a SmartApp or IFTT to open or close based on presence.

If I had to do it again, I would have gone with the Linear GD00z-4, for more money, opposed to a dumb relay switch. I originally intended to do both garage doors, of my three car garage, but never justified the cost of the second relay, since I rarely open up that garage door.

Finally, I have always had a Foscam camera pointed at the door, due to false triggers I experienced in the early days. Prior to using the ST multi sensor for tilt, I used the Ecolink tilt sensor, which caused a few false triggers a month. The ST multi/ tilt sensor, never gives me false triggers, but I do check the camera, when I get a notification that the garage door has been open for longer than 15 minutes. This solves the security issue mentioned earlier, and also allows me to see if someone is sneaking in the side garage door, if that sensor is triggered.

If someone can explain how to easily set up a a routine to fix the scenario I described above, it would be greatly appreciated. I will fiddle with it later, and update my findings, If I am able to link the two together.

@bsiegel13 If you could share your findings, that would be appreciated.

Having a similar problem. I have separate routines for each of us to open our respective garage doors etc. They work fine if we come home separately. But if we come home together I’d expect both garage doors to open. Problem is even though I removed the setting so they should run regardless of what mode we are in, only one of them ever runs depending on which presence sensor it recognized first. And frequently the wrong one depending on which car we are coming home together in. Anyone have suggestions.

As for the door I wrote a smartapp to combine a simulated or virtual garage door device with 2 physical devices and get operation like it used to be and like an integrated garage opener. This has stopped the door closing on my wife just as it sensed she is home and started closing the already open door.