Garage Doors and Routines (all platforms, all garage tilt sensors, discuss problems with app 2 here)

When creating a new routine, there is an option to control a garage door, however mine does not show. I’m using a two device method, tilt sensor and relay.


Same here, with two different garage types, one as a relay, and one myQ, both with eco link tilt sensors.

I have the same problem. How do we setup garage door open and close with tilt sensor in the new app? I’m using Relay and Smart Sense Multi.

Same problem here - new app doesn’t seem to support this

Ditto :(, any idea when this will be fixed?

I feel your pain.

Report it to , and if anyone gets an answer, let us know.

Add me to the list of users with this issue. I’ve already reported it to support. I’m using a relay + Ecolink tilt sensor. The new app/hub has no way to turn this combo into a “Garage Door” & automatically open/close it based on presence.

If anyone gets a response, please post. I’m guessing if they get enough reports about this i HOPE it will get fixed…

Reported this issue on a support ticket and so far there is no solution. The recommendation was to use the multi sensor and the switch separately. And for opening the garage door, to just “use the Mimolite as a regular switch”. If anyone in the community has a workaround please share!

I can no longer get my Linear controller to connect to the hub. I can do a device exclusion okay and can reset the controller okay, but it will not connect. I removed the controller from the garage and tried it right next to the hub and that didn’t work either. It gives one beep as it enters connect mode, then after about a minute, three beeps, instead of the one long beep I’d expect. Any ideas would be welcome, thanks.

I’ve also already emailed support. I’m really disappointed in the migration process thus far.

Oddly enough, my Linear controller connected on the first attempt today. It shows up as a Garage Door, but I haven’t tested it yet as I need to re-install it.

I just reinstalled my Linear controller and it works fine. It shows up as a garage door and opens and closes on demand and the tilt sensor reports back to the Linear controller when it is open or closed, which in turn reports it back to ST.

On a side note, I used a presence sensor on the key ring my 2nd car which sits in the garage to open the garage door when that car came home. The problem was that every few hours hub v1 would lose contact with the sensor and when it made contact again it would open the garage door. I ended up removing this feature as the door would open several times a day.

With hub v2 the sensor has not lost contact once in 48 hours. I’m not ready to turn back on the open with presence feature yet, but if after a week or so it hasn’t lost contact at all, I will give it another try.

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Hmm maybe I’ll try reinstalling my LFM20 and see if it shows up as a garage door. At least now I can control it manually, just wish it would work as a garage door.

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This is what I got from support:

We are currently reviewing our garage door implementation to make it work as well as we possibly can (we’re considering adding lasers, but we’re on the fence about it still). For now the best solution we’ve got for setting up a garage with a controller and a sensor on the door is this:

Create a new room by tapping the 4 square (My Home) button at the bottom, going to to rooms tab, tapping the menu button in the top right, then Add a Room
Call the room Garage (or whatever you want. We won’t judge)
Tap Add Devices to your Room and select the sensor and garage controller. Hit Done then Done again.
You now have the controller and the sensor grouped in the room. Tap the controller to open/close the door and look at the status of the sensor to indicate whether the door is currently open or closed. Optionally you can tap the menu again and hit Edit Room. Now where it says “select a device that will appear at the top of the Room’s list” you can add either the controller for easier button-pushing or the sensor for easier status-viewing (personally I prefer having the sensor there).
Depending on the specific sensor and garage door controller you’re using, it may be necessary to manually change the device types in the web interface to get proper functionality. I am more than happy to do this for you if you’d like. Just connect the devices and tell me what models they are and the names you gave them in SmartThings.
I know this isn’t the most elegant of solutions, but it should be effective in the mean time while we cook up something nicer. If you have any trouble setting this up or any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I’m about to switch systems so I’m trying to figure out the issue here. I’m thinking I setup my garage door so long ago the “hack” I used was no longer needed but maybe it helps a few people out.

I have a device type of my rely and a 2nd device type for my sensor. The sensor is a custom device type that holds the state of the door and has an “open” option within it. I have a 2nd app that monitors that “open” rely within the sensor and when turned “on” it triggers an “on” on the rely.

That seems to work no issues and I’m confused why this would be an issue in the new world. But as I read I’m wondering if they finally came up with a single consolidated device type that I was never aware of.

I got it to work right now as a virtual contact switch. Granted it doesn’t do much besides open and close but i changed my old door sensor to show the correct state of my door, so that will work for now I guess. Just wish I could tie it into my routines.

Garage doors are main point of the ST implementation in my house so if it does not work as in v1 or better, not worse, I would have to postpone migration to v2 until it is resolved, if ever. I have momentary relay (Linear) + tilt sensor setup. I will ping support so they know this is a burning issue for some people and will keep monitoring this thread :slight_smile:

If you log into the IDE, change the relay to a virtual contact switch, you can then use that in the routines to “turn on a light or switch” and select that as a option. Use the tilt sensor to see if its closed or not. Its not as easy as it was in v1, but its nice now to have it with my routines.

Unless it is as it was before or better, this “hack” solution is not acceptable, then I better stay with v1. One might hope though :slight_smile: