My THINGS are gone after updating from Smartthings Classic


A while back I lost my CoRE pistons when WebCoRE got pushed in…Fine - I only had a few CoRE’s so no big deal. Now I need to update GitHub, etc. for WebCoRE. That was a few months ago… My brother’s good at this stuff and will be helping me in a few days…

A few days ago I updated from Smartthings Classic to the new Smartthings (new). When I went to I had two ‘Home’ locations(my Locations tab)- One appeared to be for the classic and the other for the new app.

Neither of these locations has a hub associated with it… When I went to ‘MY Hubs’, I got a notification saying - You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub. I fooled around for a while and, right or wrong, decided to delete the ‘Home’ location that was associated with my classic app. Deleted the old app, now I have one hub (good thing?) and my hub is visible online //graph.api

BUT all my things are gone! Do I need to re-pair all my devices?? I had 20 or so things- Old app is gone so i can’t exclude anything. This will kind of suck if I have to manually reset each one…

NOW what? Any words of wisdom of what I should be doing now? I hope there’s an easy solution…

good luck -jim.

Instead of logging into the graph.api URL, you should consider using and check to see if your hub/devices show up. Once you login, you will be redirected to your appropriate SHARD which may be different from the graph.api URL you were using (or maybe not). Let us know what happens and we can go from there. I am a little scared with you deleting a location when the hub was not showing in either location.

Did you go through the account migration from a ST account to a Samsung account? Because technically, there is no update from the Classic app to the ST (Samsung Connect) app. They both use the same Samsung account to login.

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I used your link. I can find the hub, but still no devices. I thought I went through the migration, but I had 2 ‘Homes’ and I deleted the ‘classic’ one thinking it was the right thing to do. I’m thinking I may be out of luck. Grrrr…

good luck- Jim

contact ST support at and let them confirm first before you do anything

Thanks- email sent. Waiting with fingers crossed - Jim

Got a reply to my email- bad news is that I will have to reset all my things and reinstall them. I’m hoping it won’t be too bad. Good news is that once that is back up I should be good to move forward with everything else. - jim

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Did they say why you need to do this or what happened to cause it?

I brought this on myself… _I created a new ‘Home’ and deleted the old one with all my info. Excluding/Resetting and Re-linking my things wasn’t that bad. Switches and Samsung ‘Things’ were easy. The rest needed an owner’s manual which wasn’t bad, either. One was a bit of a bear but I finally found the trick on-line(Factory exclusion instructions were wrong). The rest of my automations were minimal. I’m almost back to square one,

good luck -Jim