My Sunset Piston didn't fire last night

Well, ST is still acting up, my Sunset (-20 mins) Piston didn’t fire last night when it was supposed to so my wife manually turned on the lights, then about 9:20 last night, it fired

Guess better late than never, LOL


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Time-based event failures seem to have settled down for me, not sure if it was Adrian’s piston kickers or there were some fixes applied on the ST end. It’s been a week or two of smooth sailing.

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Depending on which version of CoRE you’re running, the following happens (this is for the latest version):

  1. whenever a piston runs, it subscribes to CoRE for a recovery, one minute after the expected next run
  2. whenever a piston runs, it allows CoRE to check its list of subscribed pistons and kick them started again
  3. every certain interval, CoRE automatically kicks pistons back to reality, if they were left behind - there are two recovery stages that do that.

Thanks Adrian,

I update CoRE almost daily so I’m very current

Will see how it goes from here


If for example you have a piston that checks weather (I have one that runs every 5 minutes) it increases your chances at a much faster recovery. Also, motion sensors, anything that interact with people, all those events will kickstart your late pistons. Which means missed events may still be happening, it’s just that CoRE got better at hiding them from you :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any kick in late with known events that should’ve woken it up earlier…

Hi Adrian,

My Sunset Piston is lights only so no help there. My 2 other time based Piston is a Sunrise and Solar Refresh (every 5 mins), they seem to be working fine. All else is door/window triggers


Yeah but any other piston should help. Device pistons too