Need a SmartApp Recommendation for First Alert Smoke/CO Detector

Hello… can anybody recommend a good SmartApp for the First Alert Smoke/CO Detector that I just installed?
I only have a ‘Notify Me When’ app installed and I’m wondering if there are other alternatives that provide more options, perhaps something that would distinguish between a smoke and a CO alarm, and whatever other options I can get from this device.
Smart Home Monitor is not an option for me at the moment (My Smart Home Monitor Is Going Nuts and I need HELP)

Also, does anybody know if i can manually trigger these detectors to sound off the siren, AND if there’s a way to Silence them from the app itself? I’m guessing, from the few items on Amazon reviews that I read, that the answer is no, but just checking here on the community to see what others know.

Thanks everyone.


How good it works, never tried…

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…and this is where the good old and functional Damage & Danger Dashboard worked so beautifully. I have a dozen of these still in that dashboard tied to 2 sirens. I sure hope this comes back, or something just as nice replaces it.

No unfortunately.

That is all controlled physically at the device.

So hear you…

Thank you guys.
I’m new to ST and HA overall, so please bear with me.
Are you guys saying that Damage and Danger used to be there but not anymore? Like it was on the v1 hub?

Hi @bycane, Yes. if you have not migrated from an existing hub v1 setup, you still have it, and/or if you didn’t delete the last device in one of the old dashboards (I believe). New hub v2 users unfortunately don’t have any dashboards except Smart Home Monitor.

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