Turning Smart Home Monitor ON and OFF automatically?

Within the standard “Smart Home Monitor” app, I do not see that it can utilize a presence sensor to arm or disarm itself or do I need new glasses? This seems so basic.

I was looking at auto arming when all our cell phones are out of range or vice versa disarming when one of them is within range and auto setting “Armed (Home)” within a certain time range (bed time to morning).

What you want is in Routines under “Automatically perform”

Firstly, I have found presence sensing to be quite unreliable sometimes, depending on the state of the cloud, but there are probably other presence sensors available such as Life 360 that will be more reliable.

There is a “Notify Me When” app that does this, (I believe) and I used to use it for the purpose of arming/disarming based on presence of iphones.

A better way probably would be to set up a few Custom Rules.

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Go into routines, Goodbye. Click Gear at top right, Set Smart Home Monitor to “Armed Away”, change Mode to “Away”, Automatically Perform Goodbye when “Everyone Leaves”

Do basically the same for I’M Back Routine.

Give this a try.

You actually accomplish natively by the use of Routines. For example, there is a Goodbye routine created by default. You can configure this routine to set SHM to whatever state you wish. You then choose “Everyone Leaves” as the trigger under “Automatically perform Goodbye when…”.

Conversely, there’s an “I’m Back” routine created by default as well. You can configure that to set SHM to Disarmed, assuming that is what you want to do. That uses the trigger “Someone arrives” under “Automatically perform I’m Back when…”.

You can restrict these actions to specific “modes” too which is useful because you might not want the Goodbye routine to automatically run if the system is in Night mode. This is a great way to time-bar specific activities. It’s a bit to think about but once you get it laid out you’ll find you can achieve exactly what you’re after.

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I see, thanks the tips all