My Setup so far

Hey All,

I have had my Smartthings hub for a week and initially was worried about the cost of expanding my smart home but have found some shortcuts :smile:

  • Used an Osram Lighify Bulb which I got on a deal from amazon for £15. Personally Don’t like to use colors so currently using the device type “OSRAM LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White 60W”

  • Bought a couple of Hue light bulbs at £15 each from Curry’s Digital. Had to download a custom device type “JasonBSteele : Zigbee Hue Lux Bulb” but works perfect and so far the cheapest bulbs I have found with no need to buy an extra bridge.

  • I have an old cheap wifi camera (was like £30 a few years ago) and managed to find some custom code “ps : Generic Camera Device” to allow me to take snapshots from it from the app. Unsure how I am going to use this yet, but might link it with a motion sensor to trigger screenshots on movement.

  • Once again using a custom app for Samsung Connect I can control some features on my Smart TV, but the only bit you can automate is switching it off. The app has also been quite intermittent.

I am going to get some more bulbs and a second motion sensor soon, then save up for a wifi speaker as I think the cheapest is the Sonos I think?

I am struggling to find a good use for the door connector (multi sensor). For example ,if I use it on the front door to trigger the hall light to turn on when I come home then it will also turn on when I exit the house which would be pointless. What have you guys been using it for?

Also finding the android presence sensor buggy which is a shame, but I believe this is to do with the device going to sleep and causing the location awareness to turn off.

Also would be interested to hear what you guys have been using the smart sockets for. Currently I have it controlling a lamp but can’t think of another device in my house that makes sense to switch on and off.


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Using a Smart receptacle turn automate generic RGBW under cabinet LED’s
LED strips on Amazon under $25 for 10 meters. Not colour tunable from SmartThngs but OK for my needs.