External lights and sensors - UK (ideas required!)

So, we all know that in the US you can by everything to get any idea working. But in the UK if I wanted to get some external lights (Not sure on LED strips or spot lights) to work and link in with an external motion sensor and the internal ST door sensors, how difficult is it to set up ? Has anyone done this ? I know we have intrinsic problems in that we do not have the additional neutral wire.

I have the basic hub set-up and i have a light circuit in my rear porch (So its on the lighting not the socket ring). I toyed with wiring it to a ST plug but then I would have a socket on the lighting ring. Any ideas welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve got a pair of outside lights both fitted with osram lightify bulbs and set to come on just before sunset

Thanks Simon, are these wall mounted lights, did you have any issues pairing bulbs or anything?

I presume you don’t need the gateway ?

@JonOS Yes they are externally mounted wall lights and have. Glass domes to key the weather out.

I paired them in the house first and then mounted them outside, the hub is in the front hall so range doesn’t seem to be an issue… However one of the bulbs does seem to have a nasty habit of sticking on… Need to find some time to swap it out for one of the ones fitted inside as I think it’s probably a bad bulb.

Technically no you don’t need the lightify hub as they will pair directly to the smart things hub and will identify as hue bulbs but you will want to get a lightify hub when you see them cheap as there is already at least one firmware revision and you currently need their hub to upgrade the firmware, though even without shortcuts its pretty simple.

Also once you feel confident enough to play with code you find on the community there is a much better upgraded device type (device driver) further up this thread created for us by @Sticks18

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Any one in the UK tried the Osram GardenSpot LEDs ?

We get good feedback on the Osram bulbs, but I don’t think the Standard A-shapes are rated for outdoor use. Outdoor lighting options in UK are limited… if compatible, I recommend looking at an in wall switch.

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